COOS NEWS September 2020

Happy Fall 2020 to you all! A big welcome to all our new families!

The first few days of preschool have been busy filled with learning new classroom rules, as well as getting to know teachers and friends.

Thank you all for remembering your pens for check in and out and thanks for giving yourself enough time for the line. We are doing our best to make the check in process go as quickly as possible while still giving children enough time to say goodbye; while having temperatures taken. Please make sure you arrive by 8:30am because the teachers are waiting to walk your children to the classrooms.

Just a reminder, we are still following strict CDC and Dept. of Los Angeles Health guidelines. We are sanitizing everything (toys, books, tables, chairs) after every use. If you are able to pick up an extra container of Clorox wipes (or any brand) when you are out shopping, it would be greatly appreciated. We are using the CDC recommended 5 caps of bleach to a cup of water for spraying toilets and sinks after every use as well. A big thank you to all the parents who have been so generous supporting us in this way these past few months!

We will be closed Monday, September 7th for the Labor Day Holiday.

Our first chapel of the school year is Wednesday, September 9th at 9:30am! We ask that all children wear a tie dye shirt or clothing of some kind to join in the school spirit for this special day. We have to do chapel a little bit differently for now. We will be taking one class per week to the church and this will continue until we are allowed to mix groups again. We will be going "live" for chapel so the other students can watch from their classrooms.

Here is the Chapel schedule:
September 9th: Sparrows
September 16th: Chickadees
September 23rd: Mockingbirds
September 30th: Robins
October 7th: Blue Jays & Rosy Finch
October 14th: Hummingbirds

Sunday, September 13th at 10am is our teacher installation Sunday. We will have church outside and have a special blessing for the teachers and the school year. We won't be having a picnic afterwards this year. Please bring a lawn chair, wear a mask and be ready to social distance while praising the Lord for our school year!! We are meeting every Sunday outside, you are welcome to come any time!

Thursday, September 17th at 6pm is Back to School Night. This will be a virtual event this year. More information coming soon.

Monday, October 12th We are Closed for Columbus Day.

Saturday, October 24th is our Trike A Thon!!! This event will be virtual this year. We ask everyone to ride as a family from their homes starting at 9am. Ms. Beverly and a few teachers will be riding bikes in the neighborhood and going live on facebook. Please let us know if we can add where you will be riding bikes to our map of stops! Please register as a biker here if you would like to participate in fundraising. We missed our biggest fundraiser of the year in March so we really need your help this time!

We are just so thankful for all our COOS families and friends right now! Please let us know if we can help you in any way or if you need prayer. Pastor Duling is available if you need prayer in this time or if you need someone to talk to. You can email him here: Pastor Collin Duling <>
Remember this is a difficult time right now and give yourself a break! Ask if you need help! Sometimes asking someone for help, helps them too. We all love you all so much and we want to help any way we can.

Blessings in Christ,

Prayer of Thanksgiving: Dear Jesus, thank you for watching over us! Amen