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Back to School Anxiety
The start of a new school year can be exciting for some young people, however it can cause some students feelings of anxiety. Parents can also become anxious during this time of transition.

Check out this article from Child Mind Institute for some tips on how to help kids manage their worries for a successful start to the school year!
Helping Teens with Traumatic Grief:
Tips for Caregivers

This tip sheet d escribes how teens may feel when struggling with the death of someone close and offers tips on what caregivers can do to help.
After a Crisis: How Young Children Heal

Offers tips to parents on how to help young children, toddlers, and preschoolers heal after a traumatic event.
Tips for Survivors of a Disaster or Other Traumatic Event: Coping with Retraumatization
This tip sheet covers signs and symptoms of retraumatization, as well as how to know if you may benefit from more help and guidance on how to manage it. The tip sheet also lists resources for support.

Youth Spotlight
Patricia Ratliff Youth Leadership Award
Recipient of 2019

Stephanie McFarland
Stephanie is an active and vocal participant at Kentucky Youth MOVE (Motivating Others through Voices of Experience) meetings and says what she feels in a sensitive but assertive way. She shows warmth and compassion in every interaction she has as an advocate for youth across the state. She has an exceptional heart and genuine drive to help improve the lives of every young person she meets. She often takes new Kentucky Youth MOVE (KYM) members under her wings. Her ability to maintain a positive and hopeful outlook in life instills hope in others who face difficulties in their lives. Her smile and loving attitude touch all those who work with her. As a Kentucky-certified Youth Peer Support Specialist, Stephanie uses the skills and knowledge, as well as her invaluable lived experience, to help directly impact the lives of young people in a profound way.  
Congratulations, Stephanie McFarland  
Stephanie 2012
KPFC's Youth/Parent Conference
Stephanie 2019
Children's Mental Health Awareness Day
Sharing her story
Stephanie McFarland receiving the Patricia Ratliff Youth Leadership Award
from KPFC staff Carmilla Ratliff.
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