September 2020
TRC Welcomes Dublin Area Art League
The Reiki Center welcomes watercolor paintings by Karen Jesko, through a new partnership with the Dublin Area Art League.Karen's paintings are currently being displayed in the hallways and rooms of the Center. Karen was in the field of education for 32 years when she chose to pursue her lifelong interest in art. She dabbled in several art mediums and found watercolor to be her niche. Retirement has allowed her to combine her two most loved interests: art and travel - painting barns, flowers, and landscapes from around the country. Stop by during our business hours to enjoy her beautiful artwork and see what is available for purchase.
What a Year Already!
If you think 2020 has been a crazy year with a lot of ups and downs, you're not alone. Your pets have been feeling the the roller coaster of energy, too. We need to help our pets make sense of all the changes happening around them. Here are a few tips to help: try to maintain a routine, make sure you are spending quality time with them, and talk to them. Yes, they understand so much of what we say to them! Tell them why they can't see the humans' faces anymore when they're out on walks, why you're spending a lot more time at home, and that you will eventually have to go back to working outside of the house. If you find yourself needing to de-stress, they probably do, too. Did you know we offer sessions in which both of you can come at the same time? Pet / Human Reiki sessions can help you both work through the challenges of everyday life. I am always happy to talk, or to answer questions about our services. Please let me know if I can assist you or your pet in any way.
- Kaye Smith, Director of Animal Wellness (
Certified Reiki Classes
Reiki is a light touch form of stress relief and pain management which is gaining popularity all over the world. Learn at the only facility in Central Ohio which teaches in the traditional format, meaning there is a focus on first connecting to meaning and purpose in your own life. Discover how to bring balance, physical and emotional wellness toyourself first, then use your new skills to help others.
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Reiki 1
Saturday & Sunday,
September 12 & 13,
9am-5pm Cost: $300
Reiki 1
Monday & Tuesday,
September 21 & 22,
9am-5pm Cost: $300
Reiki 1/Animal Reiki
Saturday & Sunday,
September 26 & 27,
9am-6pm Cost: $400
Shift Your Paradigm
Tuesday, September 1, 6-8pm, Cost: $20
What if we do not even realize that our thoughts or ideologies are holding us in a space of negativity? Through discussion, Melody will help you take a look at what you may be holding onto, and how shifting your way of thinking will help you move forward in life.
For more information, click here. To register, click here.
Meet Your Spirit Guide! (Free Zoom Class)
Wednesday, September 9, 7-8:30pm
This class is only offered to students of the Center's Advanced, Internship or Master Class. Linda Haley will discuss how Guides can manifest to you, how animals can be Guides, and most importantly, how to discern whether or not you are receiving messages which are truly for your highest good.
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Animal Reiki Classes
Introduction to Animal Reiki, Wednesday, September 2, 6-8pm, Cost: $10
Certified Animal Reiki Class, Sunday, September 6, 9am-5pm, Cost: $150
In our Intro class, we discuss what Animal Reiki is and the ways it can help your pet. In the Certified Animal Reiki class, we work with students who have already taken Reiki 1 to adapt their skills to help the animals that share our world.
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Opening the Mind of the Heart with Stones
Thursday, September 3, 6-8pm, Cost: $20
Joseph will discuss crystals that assist humanity with opening our hearts and minds, and encouraging them to communicate. The goal of this class is to learn how to see through the eyes of the heart and to connect to our highest potential.
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Understanding Light Language (Zoom Class)
Tuesday, September 15, 6-8pm, Cost: $20
Interested in Light language? Joseph will discuss what it is, where it comes from, who can speak it, how it works, and what the different dialects are. Maybe you can speak it yourself! Sign up and tune into this Zoom class to find out more. 
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Welcome Paddy Samuelson to The Reiki Center Team!
Classes are becoming an even more integral part of The Reiki Center. Paddy will be overseeing both online and in-person classes, workshops, and events at the Center. She will also be actively recruiting new instructors and developing new class content. Paddy will strive to continue to build on The Reiki Center's reputation for offering a welcoming environment that encourages learning and a sense of community for both instructors and students.
Paddy is an Advanced Practitioner trained in the Usui Rhoyo Reiki Method of Natural Healing through The Reiki Center. Paddy has been a friend of The Reiki Center for several years, and her excitement and love for The Center shines brightly! If you would like to contact Paddy, her email is
Reiki Review
Thursday, September 24, 6-9pm, Cost: $75
Did you take Reiki 1 some time ago and want to update your skills? Or do you j want to go over some of the details of a recent class? Either way, this class is for you. It covers all the basics from the Center's Reiki 1 classG and includes one booster Attunement to clear blockages and prepare you to receive new energies. For more information, click here. To register, click here.
Beyond the Beyond: Psychic Practice Group
Thursday, September 24, 6-8pm, Cost: $20
This monthly experience is designed to help those who are not new to their intuitive or psychic experiences, and have spent some time exploring spiritual topics such as spiritual protection, angels & guides, divination techniques, etc.
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Goddess Circle
Sunday, September 27, 6-8pm, Cost: $25
Since the beginning of civilization, women have been entering circles together to laugh, cry, dance, sing, and support one another. Shayne Moon leads our Goddess Circle, making introductions, and leading ceremonies to connect with the Divine Feminine.
For more information, click here. To register, click here.
Beyond: Dream Interpretation and Divination Using Psychometry
Monday, September 28, 6-9pm, Cost: $20
The Beyond Series was developed with the understanding that everyone is intuitive, psychic, empathic or spiritually gifted. Melody will help you develop your spiritual growth & knowledge of the spirit world and psychic realm. Time practicing hands-on is part of class. For more information, click here. To register, click here.
Create an Aromatherapy Dream Catcher Using Essential Oils
Tuesday, September 29, 6-8pm, Cost: $20
In this make and take class, you'll learn how to make a dreamcatcher and how to use essential oils to enhance its healing abilities.
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Not Sure What to do? Try a Mini Session... or two
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Crystal Reading Mini Sessions
Monday, September 21, 6-8pm Cost: $30 / 20 minutes
Angel Card Mini Readings
Thursday, September 3,
4-7pm Cost: $30 / 20 minutes
Tuning Fork Mini Sessions Monday, September 21,
6:30-8:30 pm Cost: $30 / 20 minutes
Messages with Spirit Mini Sessions
Tuesday, September 1,
3-7pm, Cost: $30 / 20 minutes
Access Bars Mini Sessions
Tuesday, September 8,
6-8pm, Cost: $30 / 20 minutes
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