Volume 7 Issue 6 A monthly newsletter published by MKSA LLC September 2020
Back to School Safety
We wish all students returning to school a very safe and successful year. By now most children are back, whether via classroom, virtual or hybrid learning. One thing is certain: things have changed. Health and safety measures are important, especially during the school year. In light of COVID-19, these measures are even more critical. Handwashing, mask-wearing and social distancing can be challenging routines to instill in young children. Combined with another new school routine there can be much anxiety and stress.
Below are some suggestions for making the transition back to school both enjoyable and safe:
Fun Fall Activities
Fall is here and with that comes colorful leaves, brisk air, pumpkins and more! There are many activities you may enjoy while staying safe. With foliage turning beautiful colors, it's a great time for a nature walk. If leaves aren't your thing, grab the family and catch a beautiful sunset at the beach. Fresh air and a rainbow of colors is always healthy! NYC has many parks and special events available for families this fall.
COVID-19 and Special Needs Children
The pandemic has impacted everyone in a variety of ways. For parents of children with special needs, there are additional questions and concerns. We've put together a list of resources that offer information and help:
Are We Friends?
We are enjoying sharing on social media and we value all of our friends and followers. If you don't already follow us, we hope you will! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We welcome your input and feedback and look forward to seeing you!
What are YOU reading?
Our list of recommended books continues with a theme of activities for kids:
-Dragon's Mask (about the importance of wearing masks) by Steve Herman
-Billie Goes Back to School: Social Distancing for Children by Tara Travieso and Bazmad Ahmad
-Autism in Lockdown: Expert Tips and Insights on Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic by Temple Grandin, Carol Gray, et al.
September is...
Better Breakfast Month, Classical Music Month and National Piano Month. Time to enjoy a healthy start to the day while listening to some Beethoven on the ivories! Have fun.
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