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It's hard to believe, but a new school year is just around the corner!
We hope you'll take a minute and catch up on our news.
In this Newsletter:
Superintendent Mindy McCarty-Stewart

Dear WCS Families,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year.  

Our focus continues to be on providing safe and inviting schools for every child.  We will continue our work to encourage strong attendance because we know that showing up every day is a big part of future success and building solid work habits.  We are committed to promoting the best academic learning environment for all.  

Thank you for the hard work of our students, staff, administrators, and families for investing in providing a quality education at Wilmington City Schools.  

We are united in our work together as one community.

Mrs. McCarty-Stewart,

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What's New?

We've been busy getting ready for 2018-2019!  From new staff members and counseling services, to new technology, you'll want to catch up on all that's new at WCS. Just visit our District News section online for all the details.

link to Grade Level Centers webpage
Elementary Grade Level Centers

Our community looks very different today than it did 40 years ago. Our elementary schools are adapting to meet the changing needs of our students and our community. This fall our elementary students will attend a school based on their grade level, rather than their home address.  Please visit the following links for specific elementary grade level center information.

Grade Level Centers:  Visit our Grade Level Centers page for general information on our elementary schools.

Back to School Information  - Visit our Back To School page for information on open houses, school supply lists, and more!

Open House Night - August 13th
Come to meet the teachers and staff, see the classrooms, see some old friends and make some new ones at Open House 2018!  See the building events calendar at the end of this email for building times.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures - We've outlined arrival and dismissal procedures for all three elementary buildings in our  Operation Cooperation  document.  This year the elementary school day will be from 9:15 AM to 3:30 PM.  

New Elementary Parent Pick-Up Placard Syst e m:
A Kid-Valet System for Safe Pick-Up!
We have a new system this year for picking up your elementary child(ren) after school.  We've designed a placard system that will be safer for the kids. This new pick-up lane procedure will be the safest, and most efficient, way to pick up your elementary child(ren).

Think of it like a kid-valet system:
  1. Display your placard in the front windshield of your vehicle as follows:
    • Passenger side at Holmes
    • Passenger side at Denver
    • Driver side at EE
  2. Stop at the designated area and remain in your car.  Check the maps on  Operation Cooperation for the designated pick-up area/lanes (Red Zones) for each school.
  3. A staff member will note your placard number and bring your child(ren) to the car
  4. Please DO NOT pull around waiting cars!  Just wait and follow traffic. 
How do parents get their placards?
Placards will be assigned and handed out at each elementary building on the dates below. NOTE:  Only parents/guardians can request placards for their children. Requests for additional placards for others approved to pick up their children MUST come from the parent or legal guardian.
  • August 8th (4 - 7 PM) - School Preview Day
  • August 13th - Open House
  • All other placards can be picked up at arrival on the first day of school.
link to transportation infographic
Elementary Transportation Information
View this handy infographic with your kids to help them understand our elementary transportation plan for 2018-2019.  

Here are a few basics:
  • Elementary siblings at the same house will ride the same bus together (unless handicap accessible transportation is needed). The bus will rotate building, stopping at each one to drop off students at their school. Students will NOT need to change buses. They stay on their original bus until it arrives at their school.
  • Students in an elementary walk-zone, but not for their assigned school, will walk to their neighborhood school (8:35 AM) and catch a bus at 8:40 for a short ride to their grade level center.
  • Students who live in the walk zone for the grade level center they will be attending simply walk to school, as usual, arriving between 8:40 and 9:10 AM.
  • A Transportation letter, bus routes/times, walk-zone information, and more details regarding arrival and dismissal was mailed to all elementary students on August 7th.
Please contact the Transportation Department if your transportation needs have changed or if you have questions regarding your letter.

Visit our Transportation Department online for more details and transportation forms.

YMCA Program is Back!

We're excited to announce that the Xenia YMCA will be operating their K-12 before and after school enrichment program at Holmes Elementary for the 2018-2019 school year!  This is a great program for parents who need extra child care during the work day to cover early morning and after school time.  

You can check out the details in their  brochure.  Enrollment packets will be available at Holmes Elementary, 1350 W Truesdell St, at WCS Central Office, 341 S Nelson Ave, and at the link below

School-Age Care:
* Highly-qualified staff
* Safe and secure locations
* Healthy snacks
* Homework assistance
* Character Development
* Social Interaction & Relationship Building
* Build lifetime memories!

link to back to school information web page
Back to School Headquarters

We have assembled everything you need to get the kids back to school this fall!  Just visit our Back to School Headquarters page and you'll find:
  • Supply lists
  • School calendar
  • Food Service links
  • Transportation information
  • School schedules
  • Elementary grade level building information
  • Fall picture dates
  • Open House dates and times
We can't wait to get started!

Attendance Matters

Did you know ...

  • Absenteeism in the first month of school can predict poor attendance throughout the school year.*
  • Half the students who miss 2-4 days in September go on to miss nearly a month of school. *
  • Even just 2 to 3 days missed per month (10% of the school year) is considered chronic absence and can cause a student to fall behind their classmates.*
It is so important to get kids off the a great start in the Fall and to help them build strong attendance habits.  Excused or unexcused, absences can add up to academic challenges for students. Learn more about the impact of chronic absence and how we can help students to improve their chances of success in school at .

For more information about our attendance policy see our attendance flyer:

* Source:
link to transportation web page

The first day of school is just around the corner. We encourage everyone out on the roads during the school year to keep an eye out for buses and school children. Our Transportation Department's  #1 priority is to get kids to and from school safely, and we need the help of every driver on the road. 

Safety Tips for Sharing the Road with School Buses:
  • Don't attempt to pass the bus when their lights are flashing and their stop sign is out. This is the riskiest time for the kids.
  • Watch out for kids waiting for the morning bus, or exiting the afternoon bus. Kids can be impulsive, especially our youngest bus riders.
  • Don't text and drive. It's not just your life at risk.  
Please visit our Transportation Department online for more information on:

Bus routes for 2018-2019 will be posted on our website by the end of the day on August 8, 2018. Transportation letters were mailed to every WCS Elementary student on August 7th. Please contact the Transportation Department if you have a question or if your transportation needs have changed.

link to food service web page
School Breakfast/Lunch

Be sure to visit our Food Service page on our new website. You'll find the following information:
  • Nutritional Information
  • Breakfast and Lunch Menus
  • Free & Reduced Meals Information/Forms
  • PaySchools Central Link (check meal account balance and/or reload funds)
With the change to Grade Level Centers, many elementary students will have time to stop by for breakfast in the mornings. We encourage you to check out the breakfast menu while you're on the Food Service page.

image link to district website page for news source links
School News:  
Stay Connected

Each building has their own web page , calendar, and social media channel for your convenience.

*Please double check each building's calendar for changes as an event approaches.

D istrict Highlights:
WCS District:  Website  Like us on Facebook    Follow us on Twitter
8/7 & 8 WMS Walk Your Schedule (6th Graders) 11am-7pm
8/8   Elementary School Preview 4-7pm: Self-Guided Tours
8/13 All buildings - Open House (see times below)
8/15 First day of school for students 1st -12th
       Preschool, and A-L Kindergarten
8/16 First day of school for M-Z Kindergarten
8/17 All Kindergarten attend
8/27 BOE mtg WHS at 7pm

Additional Building Highlights:
Holmes K, 1, 2:   Website      Like us on Facebook
8/8   School Preview: Self-Guided Tours 4-7:00pm
8/13  Open House 4:30-7:00pm
8/15 First day of school for students 1st -12th
       Preschool, and A-L Kindergarten
8/16 First day of school for M-Z Kindergarten
8/17 All Kindergarten attend
8/27 BOE mtg WHS at 7pm

Denver 3, 4, and MH K-5:   Website     Like us on Facebook   
8/8   School Preview: Self-Guided Tours 4-7:00pm
8/13 Open House 4:30-7:00pm
8/15 First day of school for students
8/27 BOE mtg WHS at 7pm

East End PreK & 5th :   Website      Like us on Facebook   
8/8   School Preview: Self-Guided Tours 4-7:00pm
813  Open House 5:00-7:30pm
8/15 First day of school for students
8/27 BOE mtg WHS at 7pm

WMS 6-8:   Website     Follow us on Twitter   Like us on Facebook   View on Instagram
8/7 & 8  6th grade and new student "Walk Your Schedule" day 11am-7pm
8/13 Open House 6-8:00pm
8/15 First day of school for students
8/22 Picture Day
8/27 BOE mtg WHS at 7pm

WHS 9-12:      Website    Like us on Facebook    Follow us on Twitter    View on Instagram  
8/8   Senior Schedules 10am-4pm
8/9   Junior Schedules 10am-4pm
8/10 Sophomore Schedules 10am-4pm
8/13 Open House 6-8:00pm
8/15 First day of school for students
8/27 BOE mtg WHS at 7pm
8/28 Picture Day