Back to School Fair Gives Kids the Tools for Success
We are beyond grateful for our community's generosity, which made our  Back to School Fair  a memorable event for the 250+ formerly homeless children and their families who have a stable home in our permanent supportive housing programs!

The children enjoyed selecting their own backpacks and lunchboxes and spent the afternoon having a blast doing fun activities and picking out books from our library. This event means so much to our young clients and their families.  Watch the video  above to see how MCCH staff and volunteers helped them celebrate and prepare for a new school year!
Ending Chronic Homelessness Update
Inside/Not Outside is a community-wide effort dedicated to ending chronic homelessness by the end of 2018. The effort is being led by Montgomery County's Interagency Commission on Homelessness (ICH), and MCCH is playing an active role.

Since January 2016, 388 individuals who have a diagnosed disability and have experienced long-term homelessness have been connected to a permanent housing solution as part of this community-wide effort. More than 125 of these individuals were housed in MCCH's permanent supportive housing programs and continue to receive support from our team to maintain their housing.

As of today, there are 14 individuals remaining to be housed before Montgomery County can officially end chronic homelessness in our community. Only three communities nationwide have achieved this goal, so join us in taking great pride in our amazing community's accomplishment!
Donors Making a Difference
Due to limited financial resources, we aren't always able to provide clients with the items they need outside of basic household necessities. That's where a special group of people in our Urgent Needs Task Force Facebook group jump in and provide these items!

In August, over 20 items were provided to clients in need! A walker, air mattress, and new socks and underwear are just a few of the items that generous community members provided to our clients.

If you want to help people who have experienced homelessness by providing the items they need, join this special Facebook group today!
Thank you for your commitment to ensuring that all Montgomery County residents have a safe, stable and affordable place to call home!


Susie Sinclair-Smith, Executive Director
Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless and President of Coalition Homes
600-B East Gude Drive Rockville MD, 20850