Can you believe that we’ve already reached the end of summer and school is beginning to start up again? That means we are gearing up for our youth education programs to start too. Our FiRST! tobacco and vaping prevention program and our O4U® environmental and asthma education programs have gone virtual, so the transition for us may be just as unnerving as the transition my kids and their teachers are experiencing while switching to a fully virtual school day.
While we are all hard at work, most of us are still working from our homes. And our children are still learning online from home. Despite the poor air quality in Southern California when we are outdoors, it may surprise you to learn that indoor air quality can be even worse. We are continually breathing in harmful chemicals that have the potential to damage our lung health. Many things we face indoors (dust, mold, pet dander, and cooking fumes, for instance) can trigger allergies, asthma attacks and COPD flare-ups, making it harder for us to breathe, concentrate, and feel our best.
That’s why we spent the past month developing a webinar that provides useful information to help people improve their lung health, reduce indoor air pollution, increase their home’s energy efficiency, and even reduce their overall energy costs. Yes, you could save money watching the webinar.
Working with our community partners, the Clean Power Alliance and Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, we’ve included tips on how to protect ourselves and our loved ones from respiratory ailments, as well as ways that we can limit our own contribution to air pollution. Our webinar has been a huge success and has led us to begin developing even more virtual education programs!
Continue reading to see what we have planned for the upcoming months. And make sure to stay up to date on our webinar releases by visiting our website, and following us on social media @BREATHELAC and me @mcarrel. We look forward to what this new school year has to offer!

With gratitude,