Dear St. John’s Parents:

We are so excited to have our students coming back to school in a few days, but we are determined to make this a safe place for them and for their teachers. To that end, we need the cooperation of everyone in following the guidelines for a safe opening. The complete list of protocols that was sent to you previously is also available on our school website.

The main things to remember are:
  • Everyone must wear a mask. Students should have two clean masks available each day in case one gets dirty or the elastic breaks. Some parents may want to send a sandwich size bag for the student to put his/her mask in while eating lunch. 
  • Students must be kept at home if they don’t feel well—no matter what their symptoms are.
  • Parents will not be able to park in the front parking lot and leave their cars during drop-off or pick-up times.
  • Parents of younger students may park at the swimming pool and walk their children to the southern entrance of the Lower School building. Aides will accompany them to classrooms from there.
  • Lunches may be brought from home or ordered from the Hungry Knight. Guidelines for ordering were sent to all of you last week. Orders are due by Thursday for the following week.
  • Everyone on campus must maintain a distance of six feet from others. In classrooms, we have attempted to maintain a six-foot distance between students at desks, though the guidelines from DPHSS allow a minimum of four feet between students.

  • A campus map attached to this email shows the one-way hallways and stairways that students will follow. Signs will be posted to clearly designate the routes.
  • For now, we are discouraging the use of lockers in order to reduce the opportunities for close proximity between students. Parents and students who wish to make special-case locker requests may contact Mr. Kelley. He will make individual locker assignments to reduce proximity as much as possible. A review of your student’s schedule, available on Blackbaud, will help you determine his/her daily “load”.
  • If you need to make a payment to the Business Office, you can use the drop box at the front for checks or call the office to inquire about paying by credit card or online. 
  • If you need to come into the office, it is better to wait until after the drop-off and before the pick-up times. And, of course, call or email at any time to make an appointment with anyone in the office.

It will take all of us working together to reinforce the importance of these “rules”. Please talk to your children, help them understand the expectations, and emphasize that you support the school regarding enforcement of the rules.
Thank you so much for your help.

Pat Bennett
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