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August 2019
Surviving Back to School
The secret formula to making a smooth transition from summer
Constanza Morales

School supplies are stuffed into backpacks, lunches are brown-bagged and the day’s outfit is laid out. You and your kids feel ready for the start of the school year. But are you really? The real test begins now for parents: how to shift from summer to back-to-school mode in order to successfully make it through the first weeks of school? Read more
A father and his two kids stress out over homework.
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Set the Table for a Healthy School Year
All the dish on school lunch

The alarm clock rings and it's time to get ready for school. Pop quiz. What do you have prepared for breakfast? How about lunch? You scramble (some eggs?) to get things in order: a sandwich, some veggies and fruits, throw in some cookies; or maybe, a pre-packaged combination of all of the above. Hopefully, you’ve given this some forethought. Read more
A mother and daughter prepare school lunch together.
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School Apps 101: What Parents Need to Know
Keeping an eye on cyberbullying, homework and more

Keeping an eye on your kids’ social media and online presence and helping them navigate safely is as important as teaching them to look left-right-left before crossing the street. Here are 5 apps to help you do just that.  Read more
A mother reviews an app on her phone with her children.
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Family Expo 2019 on Deck in September
Miami’s largest gathering of family-friendly resources is a must-not-miss as providers, parents and, of course, kids, gather at the Miami-Dade County Fair from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday, September 7. The 2019 The Children’s Trust Family Expo is free and open to all families in Miami-Dade. Read more
Mother and son shop discounted books.
Photo: Felix Becerra
Kid’s-Eye View
Breaking the Boredom Blues

What makes something boring?

When something limits communication, movement and hands-on activities.
Kyle, 9

Something that is repetitive, that you do over and over without any change. 
William, 6

A bored little boy rests his head on his arms
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