September 2017 Fall Newsletter

for the Teenage Set
My two teenage girls started new public schools in the scenic Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles. As they blossom into full-fledged teenagers, my attention has turned to preparing them for the challenging road to college.  While I'll never stop preaching the tenets of The Golden Rule or reminding them to keep their social media clean, there are deeper themes I want them to hold dear at the start of this new school year. Read more.
    Manners Monday
6 Back-to-School Manners for All Ages
Whether they're beginning the first day of kindergarten or starting senior year of high school, the basic meaning of back-to-school manners never change. Arming children with these important skills, before they step foot on campus, will increase confidence and guarantee success this new school year. Read more.
Back 2 School 
Manners 4 Parents
It is virtually impossible to steer your  kids in the right direction - trust me, they will never listen - without taking a good close look at yourselves and your own back-to-school behavior.  As you slowly integrate into schedules and school lunches this week, take a moment to review our list of dos and don'ts. Read more
Chicago Tribune
How to Tell Your Children You Can't Afford to Buy New School Gear
There is no monetary equivalent that can match a parent who is available to help with homework or prepare a lunch to take to school. The most privileged child, given everything their heart desires, may feel neglected if their parents aren't around to assist with these basic needs. Read more

Back-to-school season is finally upon us. It's time to say so long to summer and welcome in autumn. While we are enjoying beautifully seasonable weather here in California, our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. This catastrophic event comes at an already contentious time in our history where we are experiencing endless political and social unrest. Hopefully, our youngest members of society can pave a new path to bring our country together, become more tolerant, kind, and helpful this new school year and going foward.

With this in mind, we want to set all the children on the right course and congratulate the students who have worked with us and achieved their goal of getting accepted to their first choice school.  Parents are doing a terrific job making sure kids are academically at the top of their game, doing charitable work, and participating in extra-curricular activities, the only thing left to tackle is their etiquette quotient and social skills - this is where we come in.  We will help you dot the 'I's' and cross the 'T's.

We have an array of offerings perfect for all ages, whether you have a student interviewing for high school or college, an elementary school child ready to begin cotillion, or are seeking a few skills for yourself. Kindly take a moment to peruse our website for a wide variety of classes for kids, teens, and adults or to create a customized program for you or a loved one. If you register for a class in September, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Red Cross to help those resilient folks in Texas.

Best wishes and a happy Fall to all!

Interviewing Skills for Schools & Internships 
How to Outclass the Competition
Stand Out Interviews Children
Is your child applying to middle school or your teen embarking on the admissions process for college? A review of proper etiquette and good manners provides them with that extra boost of confidence to secure a spot at their first choice school. To register, click here or call 310.276.9078 for more info.
Branding & Business Etiquette for Professionals
You are a Walking Advertisement for... YOU! 
Colleagues and co-workers, bosses
and clientele make snap decisions about  us within the first ten seconds of contact before a single word  has escaped our mouths . Click here to register now. 
Let's Dance Cotillion Series January-May 2018
Beverly Wilshire - A Four Seasons Hotel
Beverly Wilshire Hotel
Announcing season nine of our modern day cotillion. Join us for this 5-part series combining ballroom dance and etiquette instruction. Designed to meet the needs and desires of children today, our friendly and interactive approach provides boys and girls with the social and communication tools to present themselves confidently in every situation. Contact 310.276.9078 or click here to register now.
Etiquette Instruction for Teens & Adults   
Tools to Take You to the Top
Bothered by your teen's relentless relationship with their smartphone? Interested in a little added polish for yourself or a friend? Everyone can benefit from smoothing out a few ruffled feathers. To register, click on classes for  teens and  adults or call 310.276.9078 for more info. 
Dating Decorum for Dudes - NEW CLASS
How to Quash the Caveman
Men seeking a romantic relationship in the digital age must learn the subtle art of blending traditional norms with the new rules of technology. Whether dabbling in the
dating pool or doing the married dance for twenty years, there's good reason for gentlemanly behavior. Read more & register here.