As we wind down the school year and get into summer mode, we are also preparing for September. Please look over the Back to School information including the SCHOOL CALENDAR  for the 2019-2020 school year. Information about extending your child's day through our Fall Lunch Bunch and Enrichment classes will be sent out in July.


Back To School Night
This event is for new parents  and will be on Tuesday, September 3rd at 7:00 PM
(parents only). Returning parents are welcome to attend although much of what
we cover will have to do with policies and procedures.

Visitation Day
On Wednesday, September 4th we invite children and parents to visit the school. This is a great way to help ease into the new school year and become familiar with the classroom and teachers. The school will be open between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM. Children and parents may stop in for a brief visit during these hours. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

School Start
The first day of school will be Thursday, September 5th.  Lunch Bunch, Enrichment and Extended Day will begin on the first day of school.

Quiet Time Mat 
TWO AND THREE YEAR OLD CLASSES ONLY will need a bath towel or small mat labeled with their name. This is a place for them to sit quietly and listen to music or look at books during bathroom time. The children will learn to fold their own rest mat, therefore it should not be too big or bulky for them to handle. (Suggested size is 2' x 3' or 3' x 5')

For younger children, a change of clothing including underwear and socks should be kept in their backpack each day. Please place clothing in a labeled ziploc bag. Children in pull ups should also keep pull ups and wipes in their backpack each day.

Tote or Backpack
Each child will need a tote or backpack to bring to school. It should be large enough to carry papers, a lunchbox and a change of clothes but small enough for them to carry independently. Please make sure their name is on their bag. 

Monthly Plan
The annual tuition has been broken up into 10 equal payments. Your first payment was paid in advance as your nonrefundable deposit for the upcoming school year.
The second tuition payment is due by July 1, 2019.
The 8 remaining payments are due by the first of every month from October 2018 through May 2019.

Annual Payment in Full
For those families who wish to pay their full year's tuition, a 5% discount will be applied to the remaining 9 payments.  Full tuition is due by July 1, 2019 in order to receive the 5% discount.

Full day children who have a different rate and are interested in paying their tuition in full should contact us to confirm the amount due.

(discount already applied)
2 Day
$375.00 $3,206.25
3 Day
$445.00 $3,804.75
4 Day
$525.00 $4,488.75
5 Day
$575.00 $4,916.25
5 Year Old Program
$680.00 $5,814.00

Making a Payment
Invoices will be emailed prior to when your payment is due. 

How to make a payment:
1. You may choose to transfer a payment from your bank directly from your invoice.
2. Payment can be mailed to The Dogwood School 8 Dogwood Drive Chester, NJ 07930 from you or from your bank through your online banking. Setting up an automatic payment for all of the remaining payments adds convenience without a fee. 
3. Payment by check can be dropped off in the brown mailbox on the front porch of the school. 

You may also choose to pay by credit card 
but please note there is a 3% fee to pay with credit card.

Please be sure to submit medical forms along with immunization records prior to the first day of school. If your child has an allergy which requires an Epi Pen we will need a form filled out by the allergist along with a twin pack Epi Pen in its original box with the prescription attached and new unopened Benadryl.

Enjoy the summer!

Lisa Robbins
The Dogwood School
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