Monthly Newsletter | August 2019
5 Ways to Change Your Corner of the World
In the midst of often frightening and upsetting times, it's easy to think there's nothing you can do. But change doesn't start in large waves or happen overnight — it starts with each of us. Taking small simple steps to adjust how we each think, act and communicate can bring valuable change. As you prepare for the new school year, we hope you'll consider these strategies for yourself and your child.

  1. Start your morning listing the things you're looking forward to that day.
  2. When you get frustrated with your child, family, or colleagues, remind yourself why you're thankful for them.
  3. Be kind, offer to help, and notice when others do.
  4. Write a note of appreciation to someone.
  5. Be curious; ask someone why they feel or think a certain way before expressing your own opinion.

We hope the articles below will help your family transition into the fall season, and as always, please spread the word!
Back To School: A Joy For Many, A Nightmare for Some

Many children are eager to return to school, but some dread the prospect of going back. While they might experience physical and emotional symptoms, Dr. Beresin says these signs point to underlying causes that aren't directly related to school itself. Read more .
Helping Kids Fit In At School
It's important for kids to develop healthy connections with their peers, but some find this more difficult than others. Instead of seeing them as "kids who don't fit in," Dr. Schlozman says that understanding them as just needing help fitting in can make a real difference. It takes a village to help kids thrive at school, and there's a role that parents and teachers can play.
Monthly Mindfulness:
Mindfulness, ADHD & Emotion: A Natural and Practical Fit
from Psychology Today

Research shows that practicing mindfulness can help kids with ADHD better regulate their emotions and improve executive function skills. Read more about exercises that you and your child can try together.
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