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Remember for grades K through 8th, the students will have PE twice a week. If you are good about doing laundry throughout the week you can get away with one set. If life tends to get in the way, you may want to order two. The other three days of the week the children are in regular uniforms with the occasional dress down Fridays where your children can sport their Orioles or Ravens t shirts and jerseys when appropriate. 
All clothing requiring a logo does need to come from either Lands End or PPM Embellishments. The clothing that requires a logo are polo shirts (red, black or white, long or short sleeves) used three days a week for regular uniform dress, the red PE t-shirt (long or short sleeve) and the black PE shorts used twice a week on PE days. When ordering from Lands End you want to be sure to shop in the uniform section and enter our school code, 900132184 , which will assure that you are ordering items allowed in dress code. Please note that jumpers and dresses are not part of our dress code. 

Bottoms, including pants, shorts, and skorts can be purchased from any retailer. The bottoms must be uniform style, which essentially means no cargo pockets. The bottoms can be khaki, navy or black. When the weather cools off and it's time to switch to PE sweatpants, those can be any solid grey or black sweat pant. They do not need a logo.  

As far as general dress code items, solid brown or black belts are technically required when belt loops are present.  For girls, tights and leggings can be worn under the skort in solid white, black or navy. Solid color socks must be worn daily. Essentially meaning no bare feet in shoes. Tennis shoes/sneakers of any color are required on PE days but welcome on any day of the week. On non-PE days children may wear other shoes as long as they have a rubber sole and fasten in some way. (tie, buckle, velcro) Slip on shoes and boots are not permitted. 

Hood-less sweatshirts, fleeces or sweaters can be worn over the polos. They do not need a logo. They can be solid red, white, navy or black. Children can also wear a long sleeve white or black t-shirt under their short sleeve polos or short sleeve PE t-shirts as a money saver in the winter months. 

Link to Lands End - Use code 900132184

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PPM Order Form - PPM Embellishments
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August, 18th 2018
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We need help pulling some weeds, painting, assembling desks and tables, hanging some bulletin boards, ect….

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