September 2018
Summer is not over, even though school has started!
These warm September days can be beautiful
as leaves change colour beneath the blue skies.
Can you find some time this month
to enjoy the landscape as we morph into autumn?

This is the first newsletter of the 2018/19 school year.
The Right from the Start team looks forward
to sharing mental health inspiration with you.
How to Empower Your Child to Deal With School Anxiety
School anxiety is awful for children and heartwrenching for parents. It’s so common, but it doesn’t always look the same. Sometimes it will dress itself up as illness (headaches, tummy aches), sometimes as a tantrum or fierce defiance, and sometimes it looks exactly as you would School anxiety, what it's not...


Elizabeth Rummel School
At Elizabeth Rummel School the Success and Wellness Coaches Kate Rive and Deren Alward visited all Grade 1-3 classes to re-ignite School Wide Bucket filling! Bucket filling happens when someone does something kind and caring or something that makes another person feel good.
At ERS when we reach a school total of 1,500 recognized bucket fillers - we CELEBRATE! "

 We would love to see all families at our  Welcome Back Picnic and Dance Party  following the Terry Fox run on  Thursday, September 27th.  Feel free to bring a picnic blanket and lunch to join us in eating outside at 12 noon, dance party to follow.
Welcome to all  New families  joining the ERS community! If you have a new student Grades 1-3, entering our school, your child is invited to an optional lunch bunch on Wednesday, September 12th , where we will gather in the learning commons to meet other new students and make a fun craft together. Invitations will be delivered to your child early next week! 
Using breath as a calming tool can be helpful and effective. Check out this Sesame Street song and let Elmo help you do it.
Lawrence Grassi School
Mr. D has been introducing himself in every classroom at LGMS so that kids can (re) familiarize themselves with Right from the Start. Mr. D. is at LGMS to teach students and the whole school community about how to take care of our mental health.

LGMS Open House : September 13.
Terry Fox Run : September 27.
Comfy talks with Mr D : Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Mr. D. has moved his office this year. See if you can find him. His door is always open.
We hope that no teachers experienced this kind of a first day! And we want to remind you that Right from the Start is here to support your mental health too!
Alpenglow School

Mary Weighell with Right from the Start will be spending more time with the Alpenglow students and teachers this year. With a new office space in the Alpenglow wing of the school parents can feel free to drop in with any concerns, needs or questions regarding their child's social emotional well being. This week Mary has been introducing herself to the students, connecting with the staff and getting to know the Alpenglow school. To connect with Mary you can drop into the school or drop a line to

Welcome back to Alpenglow school!
Mark September 20 on your calendar as there are a bunch of things happening! Take 5 (extra minutes) in the morning and come to school with your child to have a snack and hot drink before the day gets busy.
Join us for Alpenglow's first Assembly of the year from 11:05-11:35 am. Parents are welcome. The Toolbox Tool to be presented is the "breathing tool."
And come back to meet your teacher at the Open House at 6:30 pm in the CCHS theatre. Terry Fox run is on Sept 26.

Banff Elementary School

At BES Spirit Council modeled using the Wellness Wheel to help take care of our mental health. During the Assembly RFTS made introductions to the school community. Success Coach Allyson Van Impe is available for drop ins and and Wellness Mentor Kat Wiebe delivers mental health programming school-wide. BES Open House/Potluck dinner is on September 12 at 5 pm
Parent Coaching
Parents - are you looking to create more ease and harmony in your home? Take us up on Parent Coaching
RFTS hosted a welcome back Take 5 on Sept 6 where students, parents and staff enjoyed a few moments to snack and chat before starting their day.
Elizabeth Rummel families: Parent Coaching helps us to  be open-hearted, vulnerable and honest in our relationships with others, with ourselves and especially with our children.  Contact Elizabeth Rummel RFTS Success Coach, Kate Rive to take us up on this offer of four 1-1 Parent Coaching sessions. T his process will help you clarify your vision for your family, move toward more ease and harmony in your home, develop a higher degree of self-care and assist you in getting in touch with what matters most for your family. Things do not need to be rough in order to take advantage of this opportunity; we want to support you in enhancing the good! Get in touch to grab one of the remaining 2 spaces available for a September start: 
Right from the Start | 403-678-6292 |
For inquires contact Mary Weighell
Project Coordinator