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Back To School Newsletter
As summer comes to an end, it’s important to get your child ready to transition back to school. Check out the information we’ve put together below to help keep your child safe and have the best school year yet!
Have you gone over body safety with your child?

Back to school season can be hectic but don't forget to take the time to go over one important thing on your checklist: Does your child have the proper tools to protect themselves from abuse while at school?

It’s important to go over body safety guidelines with your child. This conversation may be difficult to start, so we’ve included a child-friendly poster that shows the basics and makes it easy to talk about with your child. Talking about personal safety helps children understand when boundaries have been crossed and gives them the language to tell you when something is wrong.
Traumatic experiences may be impacting your child's learning and behavior in the classroom.

It's important to recognize and understand how trauma may affect your child or student's performance in the classroom, and prevent misunderstanding as to why a child is struggling. Massachusetts Advocates for Children, in collaboration with Harvard Law School, put together three great videos on the impact of trauma on learning, behavior, and relationships in the classroom. Click here to check them out and learn more!
Who are mandated reporters? And how do they make a report?
Click the images below to find out!
Learn more about reporting abuse, what a 51A is and how to file one on our website here .
Signs of Child Abuse

As an educator or parent, it’s important that you know the signs of abuse, so that you can detect and report any suspected abuse early. Remember- you don’t need proof of abuse in order to make a report! Follow your gut, and help keep children safe.
Locate your community's Children's Advocacy Center

Click here to learn more about the 12 Children's Advocacy Centers in Massachusetts
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