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Fall 2012

Holiday  Closure Reminder
HCT will be closed Monday, Sep 3rd in observance of Labor Day
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Mariners' Autism Awareness Night
Saturday, Sep 1st at 1pm 


*$7 from each ticket sold through this special offer will benefit Autism Speaks

Tips for Completing Work on Time
- Encourage the use of lists and assignment organizers
- Encourage routines of pocket folders with new work on one side and completed, graded work and class notes organized chronologically on the other
- Parents: establish an organized work space at home
- Organize desk or locker with labels and places for certain items
- Tape prompt cards on desks, books, or assignment folders
- Practice estimating time needed for activities
- Teach outlining skills
- Teach the use of a word
processor to reorder ideas
Back to School Tips for Parents
- Visit your child's teacher before school starts to find out the teacher's expectations for students
- Never speak negatively about your child's teacher or school staff in front of your child
- Give teachers and counselors five self-addressed, stamped postcards and ask them to jot notes to you about your child's progress
*These tips have been gathered from CH.A.D.D. Link, Fall 1997
It's that time of year again! Outfits are being chosen, lunches packed, and pencils sharpened. Below are articles, announcements, and P4P toys all geared towards making sure your family has a great school year. Happy reading, and best wishes for the first day of school.  
Taking a Load Off....

Backpack Photo Back to school means backpack awareness time! The 3rd Wednesday of September each year is designated as Backpack Awareness Day. This year it falls on September 19, 2012. According to the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) updated recommendations suggest that a backpack should weigh no more than 10% of the child's total body weight...


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SPD and the Classroom

If you wanted to design a place that would be as uncomfortable as possible for a child with sensory integration disorder, you couldn't do much better than some contemporary classrooms. Many are so cluttered, with assignments on the wall and writing on the board and piles of books and papers all around, that even people without any problems with visual perception and organization may find it difficult to concentrate....


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Preparing Teacher and School for a Child with SPD


Teachers can be great allies in keeping your child with Sensory Integration Disorder safe and successful in school, but you'll need to make sure they have all the knowledge they need to help. Use these suggestions to create an information packet to bring educators up to speed....


Printable Sensory Activity List


Activity List Photo These quick activities are centering, engaging and fun for kids. When they're rattling around the house with nothing better to do than bug each other and mom starts losing patience, it's the perfect time to grab this list and choose an activity to do...


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New in Stock:
Angry Birds Mash 'Ems
Just in time for school!Angry Birds Photo 

Angry Birds Mash 'Ems are the perfect fidget for kids that need help sitting still throughout the school day. These birds can be squished and squeezed over and over!

Available for purchase at HCT 

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