Back-to-School Newsletter 
July 2018  

Greetings Hilltoppers:

This newsletter contains important information covering Registration and Back-to-School Days.  Please take a moment to carefully review its content.  Feel free to contact the school with any questions you may have.

Registration Packets will be mailed out
the week of June 25th 
Online Registration & Payment: Online registration will be available July 9th through August 2nd.  Please follow the system prompts to register your student and pay your fees online by August 2nd to realize your prompt pay discount of $35.  Note: If you do not have internet access, computers are available at school during summer hours or at your local library.  Registration payments made after August 2nd will pay the full registration fee of $235 and not receive the $35 discount. Registration and payment of fees are required prior to students receiving instructional materials and schedules during Back-to-School Days. 

1.   Register through PowerSchool by August 2, 2018.
  • Review/Update student information
  • Register for athletics (if applicable).  Payment of $150.00 allows students to participate in unlimited sports for the year.  All student-athletes must have a current IHSA Pre-Participation Medical Exam Form (i.e., sports physical) on file in the Athletics Office before participating. This form must be signed by the student, a parent/guardian, and the physician administering the exam. A student's sports physical is valid for up to 13 months. Incoming freshman can submit their physical from the registration process.
  • Pay all required fees (includes registration, all course fees, student activity pass and digital handbook).  Glenbard offers a 4-pay payment plan that allows you to pay your fees over the course of the school year.  A $7 convenience fee will apply.
    $235 - Registration Fee (prompt pay fee of $200 if paid in full by August 2, 2018.)
    $189 - IPad Rental Fee (sophomores-seniors)
    $149 - IPad Rental Fee (freshman only)
    $  89 - Digital Curriculum Fee 
    $  26 - PE uniform and lock for all incoming freshmen
2.   Provide Medical Information:
      Freshmen: Physicals are due to the school nurse by July 1st.

      Seniors: Proof of meningitis vaccination due to the school nurse by July 1st.

NOTE:  Freshman physicals and proof of senior meningococcal vaccine are requested by July 1st. Students will not be allowed to complete the Back-to School process without a completed physical (freshman) or proof of meningococcal vaccine (seniors). First day of school exclusion will apply to lack of/or incomplete physicals and/or immunizations.
3.   Back to School Days: The specific date and time for your Back-to-School session (which includes iPad training for all freshmen and any other applicable students) is in the registration packet and below in the Back-To-School Days section of this newsletter.

4.  Need Financial Assistance? Come to our afternoon/evening hours on July 30th, 31st and August 1st.  This will be held in the Elliott Library from 12:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Once you have completed each of these items, you are ready to begin at Glenbard West!

Please review your registration packet for more details and any other items that may be needed.


It is very important that your student attend their scheduled appointment time.  Students who do not attend their scheduled appointment times will be directed to complete Back-to-School Days tasks on the first day of school.  Freshman must attend iPad training on August 9th or they will not receive their iPads until they have completed their training after school begins. 
Please remember that iPads, textbooks, workbooks and novels will be distributed as part of the book rental program. Required supplies, physical education uniforms and locks will be included in freshman fees.  Sophomore, juniors and seniors will be able to purchase new uniforms and locks from the bookstore after the first day of school.  During Back-to-School Days, students will receive class schedules, student lockers and busing information. Yearbook and ID photos are taken at this time.  

Wednesday, August 8 
8:30-9:00AM          ---            A-C
9:00-9:30AM          ---            D-H
9:30-10:00AM        ---            I-M
10:15-10:45AM      ---            N-P
10:45-11:15AM      ---            Q-S
11:15-12:00PM        ---            T-Z
Wednesday, August 8 
1:30-2:00PM           ---            A-C
2:00-2:30PM           ---            D-H
2:30-3:00PM           ---            I-M
3:15-3:45PM           ---            N-P
3:45-4:15PM           ---            Q-S
4:15-5:00PM           ---            T-Z
Thursday, August 9 
& iPad Training
8:30-9:15AM           ---             A-C
9:15-10:00AM        ---            D-H
10:00-10:45AM      ---            I-M
10:45-11:30AM      ---            N-P
11:30-12:15PM       ---            Q-S
12:15-1:00PM         ---            T-Z
Thursday, August 9 
2:30-3:00PM            ---             A-C
3:00-3:30PM           ---            D-H
3:30-4:00PM           ---            I-M
4:00-4:30PM           ---            N-P
4:30-5:00PM           ---            Q-S
5:00-6:00PM           ---            T-Z
Remember to send your student with a form of payment for classroom materials: Check, cash or Visa/MasterCard is accepted. Please make checks payable to Glenbard West High School - students will fill in the amount owed and will receive a receipt for their purchase. If using a check as payment, be sure your student has multiple checks for all consumables, yearbooks, West Nation passes, Glenbard Gear and any other items of interest, as they are all purchased separately.
Returning students are expected to bring their device to Back-to-School Days for an "iPad readiness" inspection.  Returning students that were issued an iPad for the 2017-18 school year are responsible for maintaining their device in good working order and will use their device for the upcoming 2018-19 school year.  Students should run all software updates in advance to help expedite this process.

The online registration will ask parents/guardians for two key pieces of information. 
1.  Verify student name that should be indicated on his/her student diploma
2.  Provide authorization for release of transcripts

Freshman Students: After going through the Back-to-School stations, all freshman will be required to stay for an additional 1-1/2 hours for District 87 iPad Training.  Upon completion of training, all students will be allowed to take their iPads home.  No one will be issued an iPad without this training.  

Transfer Students:
Sophomore, Junior and Senior transfer students, please contact Ms. Chris Gladish in the School Counseling Office at (630) 469-8600 x 2258 for iPad training.  

On Thursday, August 9th, Glenbard West will provide two shuttle busses to take Freshman students home following iPad training (from 10:00 a.m. to approximately 2:30 p.m.).  These busses will run every 15 minutes and will depart from the back of the main building.  Please see the Bus Drop-Off Locations chart below and coordinate with your student if he or she needs to take a bus home.  NOTE: Parents are otherwise responsible for getting their students to Glenbard West at their scheduled time.  There is no bus transportation to Glenbard West on this date.

Bus Drop-off Locations
Park Plaza Ave & N. Parkside Ave (NE)
Abraham Lincoln School
Hadley Junior High
Bloomingdale Rd & Shorewood (SE)
Glenside Jr. High
Willow Lakes Clubhouse
W. Meadow Ave & Cimarron Rd (NE)

Dr. David Larson, Superintendent
Your teen's wellness habits now can pay dividends later
While it might be appealing to teens to lounge away the sunny days of summer, it's important that we encourage them to make the most of these days.
I encourage you to talk with your student about the importance of:
  • Developing healthy eating habits
  • Being active and getting outside
  • Developing good sleep habits

I realize that young people often don't make the food choices we'd like to see. Still, we must be relentless in helping them making good choices. Encourage your student to have a healthy snack before and after activities throughout the day. Whether they're attending summer school, participating in athletic summer camps or working, it's important that they fuel up as they make their way through the day. A good night's sleep and exercise also are key to physical and mental well-being.
Another healthy habit is practicing m indfulness exercises, which are particularly beneficial for students dealing with the pressures of social media, academics and balancing life. Practicing mindfulness exercises can help teens direct attention away from negative, stressful thoughts and engage with the world around them. Encourage your student to explore mindfulness activities, including mindfulness apps.
If our teens develop healthy habits in the summer, they're more likely to continue them during the regular school year and throughout life.
Wellness Committee
We have a district-wide Wellness Committee that is focused on students' health and well-being. The committee has g oals related to:
  • Nutrition education
  • Physical activity
  • Social-emotional well-being  
Let's look at a few of the Wellness Committee's projects:
  • A list of healthy school snack suggestions is distributed to after-school clubs and student athletes.
  • After-school open gym activities, such as basketball, Zumba and wrestling
  • Healthy Food Challenge - our Wellness Committee partners with the culinary arts classes and a PE/nutrition class to host Glenbard Healthy Cooking Challenge. Following the USDA's MyPlate nutrition guidelines, a student competition is held to develop tasty, healthy pasta and salad dishes. Two winning recipes are chosen, and these recipes are then prepared by the students and served in the cafeteria during Live Life Well Week in February.
  • Also, as part of Live Life Well Week, the Students for Students club organizes awareness events aimed at helping students make healthy choices and eliminate at-risk behaviors.
The Wellness Committee is comprised of students, parents, school support staff, PE/health/family and consumer science teachers, school nurses, school psychologists,
community partners and central office administrators. Together, this team is working to improve students' health and well-being.
We count on your partnership, too. Whether it's encouraging your teen to have a healthy smoothie every day, go for a bike ride or walk, practice yoga, or explore meditation and breathing exercises, there are a multitude of ways you can empower your student to protect their physical and mental health.


    Last week of June  Registration Packets mailed home to all students 
    July 9 - August 2  
Online Registration Open  
    July 30 - August 1   Extended Summer Hours (12:00-8:00 p.m.) in the Elliott Library for
Financial and Enrollment Assistance.   
     August 2  
Registration and Payment Due Date 
    August 8 and 9   Back-To-School Days (See Schedule) 
    August 10   Freshman Orientation 
    August 15   First Day of School - Full Day 

(Financial and Enrollment Assistance)

Monday, July 30 - 12:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Tuesday, July 31 - 12:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Wednesday, August 1 - 12:00 - 8:00 p.m.

We have dedicated three days during the afternoon and evening (July 30th - August 1) to help families with enrollment, registration, residency, as well as, lunch and fee waiver applications. You must meet with appropriate school staff to handle this process.  Please remember to bring the postcard that was recently mailed to your home with your Powerschool information. 
Hours are 12:00 - 8:00 p.m. in the Elliott Library.  No advance appointment is necessary. 
Some families may be asked to prove residency.  If requested, you must provide a current lease with proof of last month's payment or tax bill, mortgage documents, along with at least two other proofs of residency (driver's license, gas or electric bill, voter registration card, automobile registration).  For questions, please contact Ms. Wendy Rosario (630) 469-8600 x2417.
New/transfer students to Glenbard West will need to provide all the required documentation.   To begin this process, proceed to New Student Pre-Registration.

Waiver of School Fees Applications
School staff will ONLY be available on these dates to process fee waiver/lunch applications.  If you plan on taking advantage of these evening hours, the following are some critical pieces of paperwork that you will need to bring:

Recent tax return 
W-2 form 
Last two pay stubs (for each family member working)

Evidence of current participation in AFDC, TANF, or Food Stamp Program must also be presented. Mediplan cards, Link cards, and Illinois Kid Care Insurance cards will not be accepted as verification of eligibility.  DO NOT MAIL DOCUMENTS.

Freshman Orientation Program
August 10, 2018

All freshman students are required to attend Freshman Orientation

  7:30 a.m. - 8:10 a.m.             
Auditorium Program
Senior Mentors Welcome
Meet Dr. Monaghan
Student Council President
8:10 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.  
Classroom Work with Senior Mentor 
Connect with Senior Mentor
Learning Your Way Around
Meet the Deans
10:00 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. 
Biester Gym                          
Fight Song
West Way Spirit with Mr. Mitchell

Freshman Orientation Dates During the School Year 
Freshman PLC Meetings - On these days, freshman are required to remain at school from 2:00 to 2:35 p.m. for additional enrichment activities.  Busses will be provided for students at the conclusion of the meetings.
  • August 20
  • September 10
  • September 17
  • October 1
  • November 5
  • December 3

Tuesday, August 14, 2018
One Father's Story 
Speaker: Doug Petit
Glenbard South 6:00 p.m.
Glenbard West 6:30 p.m. 

GPS Community Read
Wednesday, August 22, 2018
The Things They Carried
 Tim O'Brien, Author
Glenbard West 7:00 p.m  
(630) 469-8600 Main Office


     Athletics x2253                  Attendance x2283              Bookkeeper x5120 
     Deans' Office x2205          Nurses' Office x2281         Nurse x2290 
     IPad Helpdesk x2050        Registrar x2242                 Residency x2417    
     School Counseling x2258                                              Student Services x2417 

Attendance AFTER HOURS (630) 858-5060

New Illinois Law
Illinois law requires schools to inform parents of
information regarding sex offenders.  That information