Monthly Newsletter | September 2020
Fostering Back-to-School Resilience
Starting a new school year can be stressful, but never more than this year. Many families aren't sure what to expect, and the uncertainty of this transition can leave us feeling anxious and concerned.

Even if you don't have all the answers, there are many ways to help your kids prepare for the school year, and decrease their anxiety and your own. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Tip #1: If your child is returning to school in person, find out as much as you can about what to expect in the classroom, lunchroom, and at recess. In an age-appropriate way, remind your child about the need to stay safe — wear masks, don’t touch your face, wash your hands, and keep a good distance between yourself and others.

  • Tip #2: Practice a school day routine as much as possible — even if not going back in person! Get up early in the morning, and structure their day as if they were in school.

  • Tip #3: Ask your kids how they feel about going back to school, whether it's in-person, remote, or on a hybrid schedule. Listen to any worries or concerns they have, and help them find ways to meet those challenges.

  • Tip #4: If possible, have your child connect with their friends before the school year starts, either digitally or with proper physical distancing and masks.

Every step in the coming school year offers an opportunity for an ongoing conversation with your child. Remember, kids can build resilience if we give them the right tools and support. For more back-to-school tips, read the full article on Mass General’s website.
Ask Ellen Q&A: How to Help Your Child
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How can you help your child develop executive function skills as they return to school? Join our upcoming Zoom Webinar Q&A on Wednesday, September 9 at 12pm ET! Dr. Ellen Braaten will answer your questions on how to help kids and teens strengthen these skills that affect time management, focus, and even emotional regulation. RSVP on Facebook!
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