It's back-to-school time! Whether you're a fresh faced newbie or a veteran teacher, a new school year is a great opportunity to explore resources, tweak tried and true strategies, and to set goals for the next 10 months. So to help you do just that, we've created a teacher toolkit designed specifically around the new school year.

If asked to look back on your favorite class in grade school, you'd likely describe an environment that made you feel safe and valued, led by a teacher with whom you had a good relationship. These elements are essential when it comes to building a positive learning environment. Check out these tips and strategies you can use in the first days, weeks, and months in order to create the classroom environment you want for your students. 

Preparing to return to school can be an exciting yet anxious time for children. Whatever the circumstance of going to school after summer break, getting ready may create unwanted anxieties, mixed feelings, and--for some--unanswered questions. 

Just as children experience anxiety in preparing for school, some parents experience anxiety as well for the upcoming school year. Here are tips to help prepare you and your child to return to school from summer break. 
New changes to Discovery Education

The newest generation of DE Streaming, Discovery Education Experience, is here. With a curated and personalized layout, educators can now leverage their preferences to create the most effective and time saving experience from Discovery Education ever! 

Click here to check out the newest features from Discovery Education. 
  Passionate, innovate teachers are encouraged to apply
We are looking for passionate, innovative educators to serve on our GPB Education Advisory Group. The group will be comprised of leaders in Georgia's education community who meet one or two times during the year to foster collaboration among teachers and GPB Education staff, discuss topics related to digital learning and instructional best practices, and provide feedback on GPB Education's digital resources. Participants will receive a stipend at the end of the 2019/2020 school year. 

A new VR resource from Georgia Public Broadcasting puts students in historically realistic environments to experience pivotal moments of the Civil Rights Movement. By bringing students into the past using technology, they can examine and analyze primary source documents, firsthand accounts, artwork, music, and videos with the goal of transforming learning by feeling and doing. 

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