Make this school year the best one yet!               AUGUST 2017

Whether you are looking to expand your teacher toolkit or for a refresher on a familiar material, we are excited to offer the following opportunities to enhance your skills and engage students in your classroom:
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Don't miss this  science phenomenon in Georgia

For a few short minutes on August 21, 2017, day will turn to night, a phenomenon that has the whole country freaking out. And rightfully so, too. This is the first time in 99 years that a solar eclipse's path of totality will cut across the entire continental United States, meaning everyone in the country will be able to experience at least a partial solar eclipse. 

With the tail end of the path passing through Georgia's northeast corner, all areas of the state will witness at least 90% of the sun's light blocked by the moon. So don't let your students miss this unique event! Explore this toolkit to discover ways you can spark excitement in the classroom and ensure a safe viewing experience.

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Across the nation, many states are measuring students' kindergarten readiness. The Georgia Department of Education, in collaboration with the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, has developed the GKIDS Readiness Check to enhance the existing Georgia Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (GKIDS). 

T he GKIDS Readiness Check measures a child's knowledge and skills upon kindergarten entry, determined to be the most essential by Georgia educators, in three areas: Foundations of School Success, English Language Arts, and Mathematics. The information gathered will help teachers plan instruction and families understand their child's strengths and areas for growth. 

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