August 8, 2019

This Wednesday, August 14th, is Back to School Day for the 2019-2020 school year! It is especially important during this time to be cognizant of the rules-of-the-road and to drive safely around school zones. This means that drivers need to slow down and pay attention to kids crossing streets, school buses dropping and picking up passengers, and kids on wheels sharing the road.

Schools usually have specific drop-off locations, so make sure to become aware of these procedures and follow them. Do not double park, as it blocks visibility. Do not stop in the middle of traffic or across the road to load or unload your kids. Respect crossing guards and follow their directions to avoid any accidents. Instruct your children to always use crosswalks, and always make eye contact with approaching drivers before stepping out onto the crosswalk.

Remember to yield for pedestrians, obey the school zone speed limits, and be mindful of blind spots, especially around buses. If the school bus activates flashing red lights, BOTH directions of travel are required to stop and remain stopped until the lights are shut off. 

Useful tip: leave extra time for travel by waking up early and avoiding the traffic rush. This avoids rushing, which leads to accidents, so please plan ahead. 

Our officers will be out doing traffic enforcement. We enjoy meeting members of the community, but lets save it for our Coffee with the Cops events, and not on traffic enforcement citations! Let’s all have a great 2019-2020 school year.
Chief Oscar Ortiz
American Canyon Police Department
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