Back to School Sales Tax Holiday Aug 3rd to 5th!

Place your orders for Wednesday Spirit Shirts, Water Bottles, Car Magnets, School Bows & more!
"Seven things every child needs to hear: I love you. I’m proud of you. I’m sorry. I forgive you. I’m listening. This is your responsibility. You have what it takes to succeed." —Sherrie Campbell, PhD
The 2018 Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday begins Friday, August 3, 2018, and runs through Sunday, August 5, 2018.

During this sales tax holiday period, qualifying items will be exempt from tax including: certain school supplies selling for $15 or less per item; and clothing, footwear, and certain accessories selling for $60 or less per item.

For more information and a list of qualifying items, please review the Department of Revenue's   Tax Information Publication (TIP)  on the 2018 Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday, as well as the  Frequently Asked Questions  document.
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Shirts - Solid color knit polo shirts with collars, sleeves and logo.

Solid Colors:  Kelly Green - Heather Gray - White - Gold

Please note, students are required to comply with the school uniform policy .
Items will be available during Orientation hours the week before school begins!
Just stop in and grab your pre-purchased bag of items!!

Shop, help our school and have the supplies delivered to your door!

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