August 17, 2020
Dear LFHS Parents/Guardians,  

Despite all that is happening in our world, we hope you were able to carve out memorable moments with your loved ones. Soon we will begin an unprecedented school year and we look forward to coming together as a community. Whether it be remote or in person learning, our goal is to provide the best experience possible. Please read through the information below, which includes our attendance expectations, procedural updates, general expectations, behavioral expectations, and consequences for inappropriate behaviors as well as failure to follow safety protocols.

Attendance Expectations
The health and safety of all our students, faculty and staff is the utmost importance. While the LFHS Attendance Procedures are still in place, please put health and safety first. It is ALL of our responsibility to make sure that we are healthy enough to be in school. Due to COVID-19, what is “healthy enough” this year, is different than in years past. Communication is essential. Your student’s dean is here to help and the more they are informed the better they can support your student during these unfamiliar times. Below are the daily expectations for attendance at LFHS:

  1. Call Attendance at 847.582.7500 or email to report absences.
  2. Monitor COVID symptoms and/or other illness symptoms. Do not send your student to school, if they are not feeling well. If your student is able, we encourage them to attend their classes remotely. Doing so would mean that they attended school for the day. 
  3. Follow the guidelines on the self screening survey to monitor symptoms.
  4. No more than 9 absences per class per semester (in school and remote)
  5. Students missing school for being sick (COVID-19 related symptoms) will be marked “M” and that absence is excluded from the 9 absences. 
  6. Routine doctor appointments are expected to be outside of school hours (i.e. physical, dentist appt, orthodontist appts). If scheduled during the day the absence is considered a parent excused absence. Mid-day appointments are discouraged: student’s leaving the building and returning will be required to re-certify that they are healthy enough to enter the building.
  7. On Remote Learning days, students are expected to attend their class via Google Meet at the appropriate class time, including all Study Halls. Failure to do so will result in an absence from that class. 
  8. Juniors/Seniors will have 4 additional days per school year to allocate towards outside college visits.

In accordance with LFHS attendance procedures, parents/guardians are responsible for notifying the school when the student will be absent. Such notification should occur the day of the absence. That said, life sometimes gets in the way and the notification is forgotten. In efforts to capture accurate daily attendance and to help increase more prompt communication, we will continue to use our Bright Arrow messaging system this year.

Each school day, if your student is marked absent in one or more classes and the absence is not excused (in person and remote), an automated message will be sent to you via email and text at 6p.m. from our Bright Arrow notification system. You may choose the methods for communication by clicking on the link below to manage your account. Please note, this is the same notification system that is used for our emergency alerts. This notification is considered non-emergency. 

If you receive notification of an absence that should be excused, please send an email to or call 847.582.7500 before the next school day and the office will correct it.

There may be times when you will receive a message for your student getting marked absent from a class, but they were IN the school building at the time. If that happens, have a conversation with your student and ask them to email their dean directly. Please note, a parent/guardian cannot excuse these types of absences for their student. 

Procedural Updates
  1. Any student arriving to school after the start of the school day should enter through the Front Commons Entrance. Before they enter the building, a staff member wearing PPE will check for compliance with the self-certification process. Once they enter the building, students should sign in with the staff. All other entrances will be locked.
  2. When leaving during the middle of the day for pre-approved purposes, students should sign out in the Attendance Office. They will be given a pass and asked to leave through the front Commons. If they are leaving during class, students should pick up a pass in advance from the Attendance Office in order for their teacher to know they are excused. 
  3. Senior privileges - Due to COVID, Senior Off Campus passes have been temporarily suspended. 
  4. Juniors and Seniors who have a Non-Athletic Study Hall for 1st/2nd period, may stay home for that period and arrive at school in time to attend 3rd/4th period. 
  5. Juniors and Seniors who have a Non-Athletic Study Hall for 7th/8th period, may leave school after 5th/6th period for the day. 
  6. If a student FORGETS something that is needed for school, the item will NOT be allowed to be dropped off. If that happens, the student may see their dean to help find a solution.

General Expectations
The guidelines below have been created in efforts to keep our students and staff safe. It is essential that we, as a school community, follow these expectations to ensure that we are doing our best to have a safe and healthy environment for learning. Students who do not follow the expectations may receive consequences for their actions. If a student has any concerns or difficulty with the general expectations they should reach out to their dean. 

  1. Properly worn masks are required in school at all times.
  2. Clean hands often with soap and water or hand sanitizer.
  3. Students are expected to stay 6 feet away from others at all times.  
  4. Upon arrival to school, students need to go directly to their classroom (1st/2nd period)
  5. Congregating in the hallways is NOT allowed.
  6. Use the stairs whenever possible. The elevator is only permitted for students who have been pre-approved to use them. When permitted, no more than two people should be in the elevator at a time. 
  7. Students will not have access to the lockers or athletic lockers. 
  8. Food is only allowed in designated eating areas (cafeteria, commons, lower commons). Food is not allowed in classrooms or other instructional spaces.
  9. Students may remove their masks while eating during lunch but need to wear them when they are not eating and while walking around. 
  10. All tables and chairs in the cafeteria cannot be rearranged or moved. They are positioned to allow for social distancing.
  11. Mask relief will be available during lunch in designated outside tents.
  12. Each day you plan to enter LFHS, the self screening survey must be completed prior to entering the building. This must be done the same day and will not be valid if done the night before.  
  13. Under NO circumstances should a student open the door to let another person into the building.
  14. Accountability is extremely important. Students must remain where they are supposed to be at all times. This allows for the appropriate numbers in designated areas as well as helps with social distancing.   

Behavioral Expectations on Google Meet
  • Be on time for your scheduled class meetings.
  • Being on time means that you are logged into you class “meet” and your face is visible to the teacher during attendance 
  • Follow appropriate google meet etiquette:
  • Mute your computer when you are not talking
  • Give thumbs up for acknowledgement
  • Find a quiet spot that is suitable for learning
  • Be aware of your surroundings and display an appropriate background
  • Position yourself to learn.
  • No laying down or in a bed during class
  • Plan to make your face visible (simulating class), unless directed otherwise by your teacher
  • Have your class materials accessible during class, to increase attentiveness and limit disruptions 
  • Use headphones if possible to reduce background noise
  • Keep your language and tone appropriate and respectful.
  • Be respectful to all parties in the “classroom”.
  • Attend only those meetings in which you are invited. 
  • Follow the school dress code. 
  • Recording class is prohibited. 

We are really working to create a safe school environment for everyone. We are hopeful that all students will understand the importance of our expectations and consider other people when making decisions. We ask that everyone do the very best you can and remember that we are all responsible for making LFHS a safe place for everyone. Choosing to engage in unsafe behavior and actions impacts everyone. 

Due to COVID-19, the following consequences have been adjusted to reflect our new and current school schedule. 

Consequences for inappropriate behavior apply to in person and remote learning
  • Meeting with Dean to address behavior. 
  • Call to Parents/Guardian. 
  • Lunch Detention
  • Before school and after school detentions
  • Alternate to In-School Suspension will be adjusted to utilize before/after school detentions and restricted access to the building (if a student’s behavior is a threat to health and safety of themselves and/or others). 

Consequences for violating the proper social distancing and mask wearing requirements  
  • 1st offense - warning - provide student with information on why social distancing and wearing a mask matters
  • 2nd offense - one after school detention and written reflection
  • 3rd offense - two after school detentions and restricted access to the building (1 week - reentry meeting)
  • 4th offense - Full time Remote Learning (Dean, student, and parent/guardian will meet in 3 weeks to reevaluate)
The deans are here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding attendance or anything else. We welcome back our returning students, look forward to meeting the Class of 2024 and our students who are new to LFHS. Go Scouts!!

Frank Lesniak                         
Dean of Students
Michelene Tomek
Dean of Students