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August 2017
Calm Your Child's Anxiety with Back-to-School Tips
Transition times can be difficult for children and parents alike. Going back to school is often one of those challenges tied to a myriad of emotions. A good approach might be to instill positive experiences that encourage them to "bloom" like a flower.  The base is the STEM and your child's life is the flower.  STEM is also a helpful way to remember how to make any adjustment a healthy lifestyle.

Parents Go Back to School Too!
Register for the FREE Helping Kids Thrive Parenting Conference
The 27th Annual Helping Kids Thrive parenting conference covers a wide variety of topics focusing on everyday basics for all families on raising kids in a positive way. Parenting is a tough job and our goal is to provide you with resources and tools to help make it a little easier. We offer hands-on, practical information for parents of kids of all ages ... from infants to teenagers! 
October 5, 2017
5:00 p.m. - 8:45 p.m.
Creighton Middle School, Lakewood, CO

Choose two of these informative classes:

  • The Toddler Years (ages 0-2): Building New Bonds (Session A only)
  • The Early Years (ages 3-5): Creating a Blueprint for Success
  • The Elementary Years (ages 6-11): Foundation for Healthy Growth
  • The Teen Years (ages 12-19): Framing Boundaries and Expectations
  • Parenting the Love and Logic Way®
  • Empowering Successful Kids: Raising Confident, Caring Young People
  • Stress Busters for Parents: Put Your Oxygen Mask on First
  • The Teen Brain: What are They Thinking?
  • NEW!  Media's Constant Bombardment: How it Affects Your Kids and What to Do About It (Session B only)
  • Parenting After Trauma (Session A only)
  • NEW!  Parenting in a Marijuana-Legal World (Without Losing Your Cool) (Session B only)
  • Creative Co-Parenting (Session A only)
  • NEW!  Helping Your Child Tame Their Anxious Mind (ages 12-19)  (Session B only) 

Plus, the conference includes a supervised children's program with fun activities, and a light dinner of sandwiches and drinks.

Board Member Spotlight: Scott Thompson

As an educator, new Jefferson Center board member Scott Thompson helps connect schools to Center counselors and programs that equip students to better deal with stress and life issues they face every day.


Board Member Profile-Scott Thompson

Mental Health First Aid Gets A Boost With New Trainers
24-newly certified Mental Health First Aid instructors are now available to our community  to provide the popular MHFA sessions on how to appropriately recognize someone in a mental health crisis and to respond effectively.

This week-long, 40-hour course equips these new trainers to provide the 8-hour interactive classes that not only explain the scientific facts about mental health issues, but also provide class members with the most effective language to use when they encounter someone in need and a proven method to engage with them. The goal is to comfort and stabilize the person until they can get professional help. As many trainers have said, "it's like CPR for mental health."

So far, more than a million people have taken the MHFA class across the nation and have said it gave them new confidence on how to respond to a person in a mental health crisis, and the knowledge of what to do and how.

The NEW trainers will join around 40-other trainers provided by Jefferson Center and the Mental Health First Aid Jeffco Collaborative. The goal is to train as many people in Jefferson County as possible to help strengthen the mental wellness of our community.

There are several courses that offer a specialized focus for different segments of the population. The adult class is the most widely attended, while other courses are tailored for those who work with Veterans, Youth, Older Adults, Higher Education students, and First Responders such as Police, Paramedics, and Firefighters.
The training is provided through a grant from the Community First Foundation, which has backed MHFA training for more than a year as a commitment to mental health in the community.

If you'd like to take one of these FREE popular MHFA classes, please call Canice Rupp at 303-432-5137 (or email:, or let her know you have a business or organization that might benefit from the training in dealing with their family members, friends, or co-workers.
Jefferson Center for Mental Health | 303-425-0300 ||