Fit Friday Issue #21
Back to School and Back in the Groove
It's official, we're in September! Alarm clocks are going off earlier, your kids and neighbors are headed back to school, traffic is getting heavier, and we're waiting for a glimpse of that crisp fall weather! With all these seasonal changes and our minds still on the summer, it can be hard to jump back into the swing of things. Here are some reminders to help you prioritize your health and wellness in your busy schedule so you can start the fall on the right foot!
Eat Clean.
Food fuels our bodies and our lives, so make your eating choices count! This September, you have the chance to build nutritional habits that will fuel your busy schedule. Sign up for our new 10-Day Clean Eating Program (Thursday 9/20 to Saturday 9/29) in partnership with Sophie Shepherd, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Together we'll guide you through the program, including 4 coaching sessions, to help you stay focused and motivated toward your goals. Finish the cleanse feeling recharged and renewed for the fall!
Nothing like a good workout to clear your head and get you back on track. Here at the studio, we strive to offer a diverse, rigorous array of classes that will keep your mind and body motivated and challenged. We're excited to be offering several new classes this fall, including some old favorites and some brand new formats, like Dance, Burn, Tone with Tiffany! Check out additions to the fall schedule starting September 10th and sign up for classes today! Plus stay tuned for more to come in October!
Stress is one of the most common health issues in today's fast-paced and overworked world, and the back-to-school season can definitely spike your stress levels. De-stress and relieve tension by adding some easy, at-home yoga stretches to your routine. You don't need to be a seasoned yogi to practice relaxing poses and restorative stretches. Find a few that work for you and add them to your regular fitness and stress management practices.
Have you ever been so busy and distracted you feel like you haven't taken a moment to just stop and breathe? Breathing is the natural detox of the body and as everyone knows, it's necessary for life! Most of us are not using our lungs to the best of their abilities. After all, they are here to support us, and they are a crucial part of working out and recovery. Here are some tips for using your breath effectively during exercise and for relaxation during these busy upcoming months!
Don't underestimate the importance of being well rested. Getting quality sleep helps with proper muscle recovery, brain function, and conquering cravings. When you are sleep deprived, you lose a lot of willpower to exercise and to eat well. This fall, as the days get shorter, but your schedule runs longer, t rain your brain and body to wind down for sleep by creating a routine that you follow every day. Starting small with simple changes will give you the building blocks for lasting, positive habits.
Want to preserve more precious hours in the day for that quality sleep? Then plan to make it happen! With lunch boxes to fill, quick, healthy dinners to make, and only so much time in the week to shop, meal prepping can be a lifesaver! Batch prep and pre-portion meals that are easy to grab on the go. Make Sundays a meal prepping family affair to get ready for the week ahead!
Do Good.
Fill your fall with positivity and kindness. It goes a long way! Want to work toward your fall fitness goals while supporting a great cause? Then join us for the Velocity Ride Fundraiser on Saturday, September 15th in Bennett Park at 8:30 AM. 100% of proceeds will benefit the studio's fundraising efforts as they ride to end cancer. Enjoy an outdoor HIT workout plus raffles and giveaways from Athleta! Register online!
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