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Message from the Executive Director
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A Message from the Executive Director

It's hard to believe, but it's back to school time. For those of us with children, it's a time of hope and excitement. For those of us long past school days, the annual rhythm still seems ingrained; it feels new, the weather fresh, the possibilities endless. Which is why I was so disappointed to see this article last week:  Misogynist banners at UMaine underscore a lack of support for women on campus. With all the hope and expectations any young woman deserves to have when she is going to college, this welcome is very unwelcome. We have come so far - women aren't considered out of place at college anymore - but still, rape culture, misogyny, and male privilege are alive and well. 

That's why the Fund exists - to partner with organizations that teach girls, and women, how to combat the rape culture, misogyny, and male privilege.

For those of us not going back to school, it still feels like it - back to work, really, after our beautiful Maine summer. At the Fund, we have several events to look forward to, and you are invited to them all.

Please join us September 27 to celebrate our first six months of our Swift Social Justice Grant program. This celebration will give you the chance to hear about the special challenges these grantees face, what they are doing about them and to take some time to get to know them better. To learn more and join us, sign up here

Happy Fall - good luck to everyone at school, at work, or enjoying the time with neither!
Until next time,

     Megan Hannan
     Executive Director



Maine Women's Fund 2018 Fair Pay Training Initiative

Over the winter of 2018 the Maine Women's Fund will partner with the  American Association of University Women (AAUW) to provide their fair pay and salary negotiation training to 500 women in four different parts of the State of Maine (Portland, Augusta, Lewiston and Bangor). The training will increase participants' confidence and skills in salary and benefit negotiation. We are also looking forward to partnering with a number of local and statewide organizations that provide other vital community resources like matched savings programs and a variety of student loan and scholarship programs so we can help participants make connections to those programs.

Despite being the first state in the Country (in 2001) to require male and female private sector employees who work comparable jobs to be paid at a comparable rate, Maine's fair pay rate is currently 30th in the Nation. Compared with their male counterparts in Maine, White women make 79%, Asian American women make 76%, Native American women make 71%, African American women make 62% and Hispanic and Latina women make 67%. According to AAUW, the earnings ratio for women overall in the southern part of the state is 76.3% and 83.4% in the rest of the state.

Maine students carry one of the highest debt burdens in the country. While women are more likely than men to have a college education in Maine, they also carry  two thirds of the student debt . We want to empower women through our Fair Pay Training Initiative, putting them in a better position to   pay down their debt and achieve their financial goals.

If you or your organization is concerned about these issues and would like to be partner in our 2018 Fair Pay Training Initiative, please contact

On behalf of the staff and board of the Maine Women's Fund, thank you for reading and for all you do to support Maine women and girls.

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