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Maya Angelou said "When you know better, you do better." This is the essence of Feng Shui and how it can affect our spaces and therefore our lives, health, energy, and relationships. Especially true for students - of all ages - who are using their brain power to build and grow into the next amazing generation. Find out more from our experts!
Back to School Feng Shui

When it’s back to school time, or any time you want to improve your child’s study skills, a few strategic Feng Shui changes in your child’s room can create a space that builds self-esteem and encourages good study habits. Practical uses of Feng Shui include setting up the furniture and adding appropriate decoration in a child's room or study area so that he or she is certain to succeed. Many of these Feng Shui changes can also work for dorm dwellers. 

Dorm Feng Shui: 7 Secret Tips To Share With Your Student As They Head Off To School

Your walls and shelves are now decorated with a few personal items, and you’re feeling all settled into your new living space that is yours for the next eight monthly. This small space is now your home, your study hall, and your social empire. You’re off to a great start to making top grades, broadening your social circle and really thriving in this new environment. 

Or are you?  Feng Shui influences how we operate in the world and what we can achieve in our lives. That means your new living space affects your mood, well-being and future. 

Tips For Successful College Packing

With move-in day just around the corner, you may be wondering how you will pack your worldly possessions and move them from home to campus.

Determine What to Bring - Ask yourself these five questions about each item.

1. Will it Fit?
2. Will I Use it?
3. Will I Need it?
4. Does it Express who I am now or who I want to become?
5. Do I Love it?

Make the most of your storage and learn how to use the above questions in Mary's comprehensive list.

Part of a Whole

Connectivity, community, compassion, and kindness. See how we all fit together and are part of the greater whole at this terrific school. Each student was given 1/4th of a circle - put them together for an amazing visual connection mural! (Save this image)

See tons more inspiration on our Pinterest Feng Shui and Children Board .

Feng Shui for Teachers
Intentionally Design Classrooms with the 5 Elements

More and more evidence comes out every day that supports “your environment matters.” Whether it be your home, workplace or a child’s classroom…all spaces can be designed for maximum efficiency and efficacy. When we look at the theory of the 5 elements and when they are balanced in a space, everyone in the space is likely to thrive. Everyone gets their needs met and have every reason to be content and productive in the classroom.

Featured Feng Shui School

Tomorrow's Key with Trisha Keel. Providing Professional Feng Shui Practitioner Training in a five-day, hands-on intensively interactive program. Classes are limited to only 4 students to guarantee your best learning experience.

Training includes daily consultations and transcendental cures, playing with tiny furniture to integrate the infinite overlays of the bagua, establishing a relationship with the I Ching, and much more. Students step out from day one as a Professional Feng Shui Practitioner, then go forth as they mean to continue.
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