November 2020
Tackling COVID Slide with Virtual Tutoring
The school year is now well underway and teachers are working hard to provide high-quality remote learning for our children. But students who began the year already behind their peers often need additional support outside the classroom. Team Read saw an increase in student referrals this year for our virtual after school program, with several previously smaller sites now at capacity. When staff checked in with families last week, many parents said they were grateful their child will have access to free, one:one tutoring during this time.

People everywhere are experiencing anxiety and isolation, and long for social interaction. Teen reading coaches can provide both the personal connection and individual support young students need right now.

2020-21 After School Program: Connecting Powerful Pairs Online!
This month, Team Read is bringing together more than 350 student readers and 175 teen reading coaches at 15 virtual tutoring sites across Seattle and Highline. 

"I am excited for Team Read this fall because we get to support students and families during a difficult time," said teen coach and site assistant Abby. "Many families are having trouble transitioning into online learning and Team Read will be there to make sure students do not get left behind in reading."

A Keen Focus on Family Outreach
Family engagement is more crucial than ever as Team Read launches its first online after school program. We believe that connecting with families is essential to successfully engage with our young readers. This school year, Team Read will communicate with families in several different ways, including email, virtual open houses, phone calls, and texting apps.

Team Read Alumni: Where Are They Now?
Ayan Adem
As a teen, Team Read provided me with a meaningful job opportunity that allowed me cultivate my leadership skills, earn money, and give back to my community. This experience helped build my confidence as an insecure teen and gain a clearer understanding of what of brought me joy - helping others.

Soon after completing the Team Read program, I started working at The Seattle Public Library as a Student Assistant while also pursing my Bachelor’s in Social Work and Master’s in Information Library Science from the University of Washington.

Advancing Technology to Support Growth
Two years ago, Team Read developed an ambitious plan for program expansion, while also acknowledging the need to improve our internal systems to prepare for this growth. COVID-19 has forced a pause on some of these aspirations, but we have forged ahead with creating a far more robust database than Team Read has ever had. The ability to access, review, analyze and explore our data – in the cloud – is game changing for Team Read. We can now quickly identify who among our coaches were once tutored by Team Read, and ensure we’re continuing to recruit and hire coaches who best reflect our readers. We’ve eliminated processes built on paper flow and re-keying data, saving trees as well as sweat and tears!