Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
November 2018 Dream Journal
School Opening Ceremony
November, after the monsoon rains have subsided, is the start of the new school year in Cambodia. Many of our students will have an easy transition back into the classroom after attending our summer school.

The first day of school is an especially auspicious day for our rural community, as it gathers for a special ceremony with monks’ blessings and encouraging speeches.

We provided uniforms for 350 poor children. We gave over 900 books and pencil sets.
Our  CCDO Chairman of the Board, Sokun Set, graciously welcomed the parents and dignitaries and encourages the kids to keep on learning.

100 Bikes Donated!
The Forgotten International of San Francisco, generously donated 100 Bikes to the poorest kids who live far from their school. We gave 25 bikes to students in June at Tapang school. On 1 November opening day ceremony, we gave 25 students in Angkor Thom district their bikes and the other 50 bikes to be distributed to students at 15 smaller schools in this district.
International Day of the Toilet
November 19 Yes, there is such a thing and it does bring forth a very important issue-where do people go when they have to go? And when they have no place to go, they go in the ditch, or in the forest.

We are well aware that water wells are not enough to assure clean water for village families when that water is compromised by open defecation. We have been working to bring latrines to the poorest villagers that cannot afford the cost. We have built over 460 latrines, but many more are needed. A latrine costs $250 and will bring dignity and health to a village family.
Bracelets of Thanks
Our beautiful new bracelets benefitting CCDO have been very popular. 

Each bracelet sold will feed a child for a month. Over 150 people around the world from Italy to USA countries are proudly wearing them. Get one for yourself or as a gift.

They come in three sizes : Small 6”, Medium 7” & Large 8”. Only $25.
A special thanks to long-time supporter Gene Dunham for his $1,000 donation towards our Education program.

Volunteers & Interns
Hello to Jani Swart from South Africa who will help coordinating our expanding Piglet Program.

Hello to Katy Tan from Malaysia, who will be helping with our Women's Empowerment and Community Workshops in Angkor Thom Commune.
We expanded the program with the generous grant from the Texel Foundation.
Goodbye to Edmond Tucker who has done a great job with the data management and reporting on the wells and latrines. He also worked on improving our  volunteer program.