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Welcome Back!
FREE SAT (old or new)/ACT/ PSAT/ EVENT 
at Scottsdale Education Center
Saturday August 22 
9 AM - 12:30 PM 
(Limited Space)
August 15 Testing date sold out!
 SAT/ACT Classes & Semi-Private/Private Tutoring Support
Call 480-538-0828 to register for a Free SAT/ACT/ PSAT/ test analysis and 1 hour consultation with Kim Duckworth ($85 value) on test results. 
1.)  Be prepared for college admission testing by knowing your strengths and weaknesses prior to taking the tests.
2.)  Develop a testing plan for maximum results.
3.)  Create college options for yourself by developing top test taking skills.
Call Deana to Register 480-538-0828. 
Tests will start promptly at 9 AM at
Scottsdale Education Center 
9151 E. Bell Road, Suite 102, Scottsdale, AZ. 
Now is the time to sign up for SAT/ACT tests and prep classes or semi-private/private tutoring sessions.
JUNIORS--SAT/ACT Testing Updates 
ACT -The next available test date is September 12. SEC classes for this date run Aug. 12 through September 2, Monday and Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.  Sign up for the ACT test at The next ACT test date is October 24, 2015.  SEC classes for this date run September 21 to October 21, Monday and Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.  No class 10/12-10/16.  Most students do take these tests more than once, generally the spring of their Junior year and again early in the fall of their Senior year.  This becomes especially important for students that are applying early action or early decision. To get into an in state school (ASU, NAU, U of A) admission directors are looking for a composite score of 22 or above or an unweighted academic GPA of 3.0 or above.  Requirements for honor schools and specific departments within these colleges may require higher scores.  Currently in-state schools do not require that students take the Writing portion of the ACT, HOWEVER most out of state schools will require it and it is highly recommended that unless you know for certain that you are going to go in state that you take the test WITH writing.

SAT -The next available SAT or SAT Subject test date is Sat., October 3.  SEC classes for this date run September 8 through October 1, Tuesday and Thursdays, 6:30 to 8:30 PM.  Sign up for the SAT test at  After that, the next available date for the SAT test or SAT Subject test date is November 7.  This date is after the early decision/early action cut off date for some universities.  Our class for this test date is Oct. 6 to Nov. 5, Tuesdays, Thursdays 6:30 to 8:30 PM.  Also note that a few schools do also require that students take SAT Subject tests.  Check with the universities where you are applying to see if this is a requirement.  Not required for in-state schools.
Cost for our classes is $495 + $40 registration fee (if not already paid this school year) and includes 16 hours of instruction and multiple opportunities to take sample tests and have them scored.  Semi-private tutoring packages for SAT or ACT test prep include 12 hours of instruction in a small group environment and multiple scored sample tests. Cost for a semi-private test preparation package is $495.   Private sessions are available during the week and on Saturdays by request.  Cost for private sessions is $65 per hour.  Sign up for test preparation at SEC by calling 480-538-0828.
To be competitive for admissions and scholarships you need the highest possible score that you can get. Don't miss out on SEC's proven test prep program.  Call now to schedule! 

Phone app for scholarship information
Question of the Day by Collegeboard
Collegeboard will send you a question everyday from the SAT either Critical Reading, Writing or Math section.  Answer and explanation also sent
Q&A Corner
How do I know if my child needs to be tutored?

If your student has consistently struggled with a particular subject (math, science, world languages, English, history, etc.), don't wait for quarter grades to get help. If your child is not doing well in a class or on a test, you should bring them in for subject tutoring. Most teachers spend the first week or two in review and then progress to new material. If your child has struggled with the review and the beginning of the new concepts, they will not have a solid foundation for the rest of the year. Getting them in now cannot only help save a semester grade, but can save money in the long run. Bringing in a student a few weeks before finals to try and "save" a grade is not realistic and concept issues will compound in the second semester.   Testing is the majority of the grade for SUSD students.  
GPA and rigor of study often has the highest rating on your college application.  Lead with a strong GPA
What is the TOP component that college admissions directors look at when evaluating college applications? 
The number one indicator of success in college and generally the strongest element of your college application is the rigor of classes that you took in high school combined with your GPA. There are many other elements that effect admission decisions- SAT/ACT scores, leadership, academic vitality, community service, essay, character, rank in class, talent, letters of reference, interviews, legacy, residency, minority status, etc.  But, outside of talent based/audition based schools, GPA RULES


Sat 8/22
August Payment Due
at time of first session
SEC ACT Class 1 Begins
Wed 8/12  
SEC SAT Class 1 Begins
Tues 9/8
September Tuition Due
Sun 9/1

If your student is taking an online class in the Fall it is very important to monitor their percentage completion levels. Students who are not successful with online classes usually have difficulty with completing the  course on time rather than difficulty with the curriculum.   SEC  has helped many students  create successful plans and helped monitor them through the time constraints as well as helped with items where students did need tutoring.  Students that do best with online classes have strong organization skills, and are highly self motivated and disciplined.  If this does not sound like your student, you might want to ensure a successful experience by signing up for some tutoring or support time at 
GPA and standardized test scores not matching? Concerned because your student is not a reader? Come to SEC for a reading/writing assessment and reading/writing program  designed to improve reading speed and comprehension and writing ability. Skills taught during our 8 to 12 hour program focus on building strong underlying reading skills and pushing students to college level reading abilities and essay writing. We have had GREAT success in increasing ACT/SAT reading/writing scores by combining this program with either ACT/SAT prep classes or semi-private tutoring.  Call 480-538-0828 TODAY to set up the hour long assessment and get your student scheduled ASAP!
SEC is pleased to announce the addition of the following tutors to our staff:
Katie Brown:  English, Study Skills - Katie currently teaches English I in the Pre-IB program at DMHS.  She also has taught English I, English II, English II Honors, and Yearbook I and II.  She is been at DMHS since 2012.  Prior to SUSD, Katie taught for three years at Menlo Atherton High School in Northern California where she taught World Studies.  She is a Unitown and Yearbook advisor and holds a Master of Arts in Education degree from the University of California, Davis as well as a Bachelor of Arts in History and Minor in Political Science from U of A.  High energy with exceptional organizational skills, Katie will be tutoring at SEC on Wednesday and Thursday nights from 3 to 6 PM. 
Ray Cuzman:  Ray will be  getting his B.S. in Biochemistry with a Secondary Education Certificate from  ASU 2016.  He has tutored Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics (through and including Advanced Calculus), Physics and Biology since 2008. Ray tutors standard, honors and AP levels.   Last year he assisted with Chemistry classes at Chaparral.  He is bilingual:  Spanish/English.  He did attend Chaparral High School where he was a member of Interact and Boy's Team Charity.   He plays tennis and chess and is a highly successful Trivia competitor.  
Ray will be tutoring at SEC on Mondays from 2 to 9 pm and Saturdays from 8 am to 3 pm. 
Dr. Bob Daiello (Dr. Bob):  As well as 20 plus years of experience in research and development for RCA at their laboratories in Princeton, NJ, Dr. Bob ran his own business and  has been a Chemistry teacher at Cactus Shadows High School and tutored extensively in Math and Science ACT and SAT prep. for Chyten Educational.  Dr. Bob has a BS in Electrical Engineering, and Ph.D. in Engineering Physics.  He tutors Physics (standard, honors  and AP),  Mathematics (through and including advanced Calculus AP BC and IB HL),  and basic Chemistry.  He also tutors SAT Subject tests for Math and Physics and PSAT Math.  Dr. Bob was a 2nd Lieutenant US Corps of Engineers.  He is an avid tennis player.  Dr. Bob will be at SEC Monday 3 to 6 pm, Tuesday 3 to 7 pm, Wednesday 3 to 6 pm, and Thursday 3-6 pm.
Holly Traver :  Most recently Holly was a gifted educator in Math, Engineering, Computer Graphics and Robotics for SUSD.  She has endorsements to work with Gifted students and ESL students and is certified to teach 7 -12 Math.  Fascinating background as a Senior Flight test Engineer with Lockheed Aircraft systems for the F-117 Stealth Fighter  including Top Secret Clearance.  She also has a Computer Systems background with Northrup Grumman and was a Systems Engineer for Aviation Communications and Surveillance Systems.  She was with the United States Navy Reserves for 20 years.  She will be teaching Pre- Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra II and Geometry at a standard and honors level for SEC and will be available Monday through Thursday from 3 to 6 pm.  She will be working on an Engineering Camp and Robotics Camp for SEC next summer.