August 2020
Gearing up for the 2020-2021 School Year
While our Infant/Toddler classrooms reopened in early June, our Preschool classrooms are preparing to welcome students back for the 2020-2021 school year on September 8th. Wild Plum Center has always paid close attention to our families and their needs and is being particularly mindful about how to continue serving our community, safely, so that we are able to remain open during the pandemic.

Who would have thought that painting a curb would be part of the reopening plan? Not us, but when utilizing classroom doors for entry and exit purposes we decided that was an important safety step. There are a million little things like this that ensure a safer reopening and require foresight and action.

This has demanded a lot from our staff, family and community and we want to be sure that we thank all of you for standing by our side and entrusting us to take thorough measures. We know that our services are essential and appreciate everyone helping us meet our needs so that we can continue building a brighter future for us all. If you would like more information about our various projects/needs and how to best serve our community, please contact
Upcoming Events
Back to School Drive

In March of this year we closed our doors to combat the spread of the pandemic. We quickly learned that many of our families were without the tools they needed to learn remotely. We asked you, our community, to help us get these tools into their hands were able to provide every family with their wish list.

Now, with a little over a week remaining before we open our doors to all of our students, we wanted to let you know what still remains as a need from our Teacher's Wish List. These remaining items are what our staff asked us to source and send home with our students so that everyone has access to a "School Work From Home" kit. The items below are linked to Amazon and can be delivered to 839 Meeker St. Longmont, CO 80501. The telephone number for check out is 303-776-8523.

Don't forget to set up Wild Plum Center as your charitable organization on Amazon Smile. There's no fee, but certain items qualify for a donation to our organization by simply being purchased. Just for a reference point, Wild Plum Center has received over $150 this month alone, just from folks that made purchases on Amazon and had us set as their "Smile Charitable Organization".
Remaining Items on our Teacher's
Wish List:

If you prefer to make a monetary donation in lieu of donating items, please click the button below.
Service Spotlight
Xilinx has been a huge supporter of Wild Plum Center over the years. They've been a part of build days, shared access to conference rooms and have always delivered when we make an ask. This organization is an exemplary community partner and we are lucky that they value all the good work we do.

In addition, Silver Creek High continues to work with their students to support ours. From capstone projects to hosting book and school supply drives, they have continuously been available to help us reach our goals.

A special thanks to these two community partners for getting our students supplied for success!
Last chance to Enroll for the 2020-2021 school year!
Join the Wild Plum Center Family!
Wild Plum Center has a few spots remaining. If you or someone you know is interested in our services (all at no-cost to qualifying families!) please visit the enrollment page on our website or click the button below. We don't take the pandemic lightly and have many measures in place to operate safely in the world's current conditions.