Difficult times. Difficult tenants. We attempt to untangle it all in back-to-back webinars.

We will discuss the current rental climate and how to compassionately and efficiently handle tenant predicaments in two webinars on November 18th and 19th with the goal that landlords and tenants both get a soft landing on the other side of the pandemic. While our first webinar will focus on the nuances of Alameda County, we will open the conversation to landlords throughout the Bay Area on the day after.
November 18th

Legally get your rental unit back in Alameda County

Landlords in Alameda County have a tremendous industry resource in the Rental Housing Association of Southern Alameda County. As the eyes and ears of property owners, they have seen and heard many horrific accounts of tenants abusing the eviction moratorium. 

With their members looking to stop the hemorrhaging and return units to profitability, the Association has asked for an educational webinar on how landlords can regain control of their properties. We happily oblige in this online meetup. 
November 19th

Nonpayment of rent, abandonment and nuisances throughout the Bay Area

Nonpayment of rent is clearly a vexing problem for landlords, but unauthorized subletting, “runaway” tenants who abandon the premises during the pandemic and tenants who create a nuisance for neighboring residents are also a cause for concern. 

In this webinar, we will provide a 360-degree view on the many difficulties rental property owners face during the pandemic and how to best respond to problematic landlord-tenant relationships.
From the desk of Daniel Bornstein
Before the Thanksgiving holiday is upon us, we hope you feast on the information rental property owners need to manage these incredibly difficult times by joining me in back-to-back webinars on November 18th and 19th. 

Our friends at the Rental Housing Association have fielded many calls from members sharing horror stories of tenants abusing the Alameda County eviction moratorium. The abuses range from working tenants, in bad-faith, refusing to pay rent, to lease violations like subletting and building illegal rental units in the garage, to tenants causing disturbances on the property. On Wednesday, November 18th, we will be taking on a gamut of concerns and invite you to register here

The following day, we will be hosting our own webinar to provide guidance on how best manage problematic landlord-tenant relationships throughout the Bay Area. Although the lion’s share of our material thus far has been on nonpayment of rent cases, we will also address unauthorized subletting and other transgressions like nuisances and abandoning the premises. You can reserve your seat here

On behalf of all of us, we hope this scribe finds you in the best of health and spirits, and we look forward to continuing the conversation in many venues.
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