Meet Gerald: your gifts brought him back to life
Return to life: Gerald's story
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Gerald has come back to life at age 66. Nearly three years after he was mistakenly declared dead, an error that cost Gerald his home and income, your gifts have given him a safe place to rebuild his life.
It started with a letter. In June 2013, Gerald received written notice that the Social Security Administration believed him to be dead. The benefits on which he relied had been stopped, the letter said, with one exception. It asked Gerald where his death benefit should be sent.
"I've been dead on and off since 2013," he joked in reference to his struggle to have the error corrected and his benefits restored.
Without income, Gerald fell behind in rent. Soon he was homeless and turned to shelters in Fort Worth's East Lancaster Avenue homeless services corridor.
Before long, home was a park off Riverside Drive. Gerald was surviving on as few as three meals a week when DRC Housing Specialist David Paniagua came to his campsite earlier this year.
The DRC had housing available in the area. Was he interested, David asked? Gerald didn't hesitate. Because of his health--Gerald is a two-time cancer survivor--he was among the first to move into a furnished efficiency apartment with a full kitchen.
At the DRC, we believe a campsite is no place to spend your golden years. If you
agree, now is the time to give a gift of new life with a monthly commitment to the DRC. It's easy: go to and subscribe to monthly giving online.
Please, give today and help people like Gerald return to life.
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"As 10,000 people turn 65 every day in the US, and the population ages in general, the homeless population will age. Based on demographic trends alone, it is predicted that homelessness among people age 65 and older will more than double by 2050, from over 44,000 in 2010 to nearly 93,000 in 2050." Justice in Aging

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