Maybe it's a bit early for back-to-school planning, but summer is really winding down fast! Before August hits, think back to your kids' previous year. What would have made life easier for your household? How can that be achieved? This month, I wanted to highlight how to set-up a productive homework/study center in any space (big or small), and also what apps can help keep your kids' safe and lives easier. Enjoy these next few weeks!
Setting up a Homework Area
No Matter How Much Space You Have
If you would love to have your own homework center for your kids, with a lot of space or even a little, you have options for a homework area.
The Best Parental Control Apps for Your Phone
If you want to keep your kids safe online, parental control software on your desktop is a step in the right direction, but you really need a capable app for phones and tablets too. These are the top performers according to PC Magazine.
The 7 best productivity and calendar apps for families
Family calendars quickly fill up with practices, recitals, birthday parties and hundreds of other things that you need to keep track of each month. Add in the various to-dos and must-dos that spring up out of nowhere each day and any parent can find herself deep in the weeds pretty quickly.

Luckily, our phones were built for more than just scrolling through Facebook and snapping quick pics of our little ones. Productivity apps can be a real lifesaver for moms and dads these days, and finding the right ones to help make your family life easier can make all the difference.
Large Dry Erase Wall Calendar 
This huge portable wall planner restores order, sanity and PEACE to your chaotic life, SAVING YOU time, energy, and stress while keeping everyone calm, happy and on task.