August 2018
The Girl Scouts Take on Stormwater Pollution

Cece the Stormwater Trooper had a splashing good time at the "Wonders of Water" Day. Keep reading to learn all about her adventures with the San Gorgonio Girl Scouts! Read more.
5 Ways to Recycle Less this School Year

Recycle LESS with more planning this school year. You heard us right. These eco-conscious supplies are reusable and will keep you #stormwatersavvy all year round – add them to your Back-to-School list today!  Read more.
Roll Back to School the #StormwaterSavvy Way

How do you keep your car and the environment clean? We’ve got the answers! Take a look at our #stormwatersavvy best practices.   Read more.
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Sept. 15-16
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Sept. 22
8 a.m. – Noon

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