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Pressure Press | September 2016

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Ottawa: Oct 4-5, 2016

New York: Oct 18-19, 2016

Toronto: Nov 14-15, 2016
Toronto: Nov 14-17, 2016


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What is one word you would use to describe a first day of school?
Simple question? Unimportant question maybe?
The answer to this question might be one of the most consequential and least examined for parents or for anyone who is in the position to influence young people.
For many children, the answer that most frequently comes into their mind when answering this question is nervousness, a word anchored by fear or anxiety.
Back to school:
Adults learning.  
Yes, it's that time again when kids are going back to school. Learning, exploring, and discovering new things. But kids aren't the only ones who benefit from going to school. Adults benefit from education too.
In our Performing Under Pressure curriculum, you and your team will learn strategies to better manage your emotions, your thinking and your conversations under pressure.
  • Imagine understanding why people do/say the things they do?
  • What if you could ask the right questions to understand a situation better?
  • Ever wished you would have said something or perhaps reacted in a different way? Why is that?

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Get better at handling pressure!
Do you think you perform better under pressure? Watch this short video to learn a couple of strategies to get better at it.
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