Kent School District August 30, 2019
Safety First
School Bus Rider Safety
Will your student ride the bus to school or on a field trip this year? 
Ensuring student safety is our top priority. Please take a minute to watch this important safety video with your child and check out our bus rider guidelines on our website .

Walk, ride a bike, or drive to school? Check out these helpful safety tips on our website .
Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS):
Five Tips for Supporting Your Child's
Social Emotional Learning
Our curriculum includes teaching social emotional learning skills with a focus on listening, empathy, emotional management, problem solving, friendship skills, and bullying prevention.

Model Active Listening
When children feel heard and understood they are more likely to talk to you about how they are feeling.

Avoid Minimizing Their Issues
Show your child that you value what they are going through.

Respect Differences
Honor your child’s strengths and help them through the challenges they will face. Help them to understand that each person has their own abilities that make them unique.

Model and Teach Looking at A Situation From Different Perspectives
Teaching children to look at the perspectives of others is a skill that is important for friendships and working with others.

Know How You Will Respond
There may be reoccurring situations where you know your child regularly acts in a certain way about an issue, plan your response. 
Our Safety Officers Train to Keep Students Safe
To prepare for the new school year, our Safety Services team participated in a 10-day annual training academy focused on hands-on experience .
Visiting Our Schools
All school guests and volunteers are required to register in the office and
wear a nametag. This is necessary to promote safe and secure school environments. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
Bullying & Conflict