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July 2023 Newsletter

36 days until Main Event Saturday!

July 14th, 2023

Latest from the Chairman of the Board

With the amazing weather, and sunshine I am hopeful you all are enjoying your summer thus far. And we know it’s not over yet. The Back to the Bricks® organization is in operation GO MODE for all our events in August. Two full weeks of fun planned, with car shows, activities for all, music, giveaways and more.


Our 70th Anniversary celebration for the Corvette was in my opinion an “Over the Top” success. It was the result of all the planning our team, and Ralph Messer, our vice chairman had, and his vision to put on a real tribute to the iconic Corvette. WHAT A SHOW! Special thank you to all the Corvette Clubs and owners that brought out over 400 Corvettes to be on display, and thank you to all the classic car and trucks that came out to enjoy this very warm but fun car show. Please visit this link to see all photos taken by Tom Dalhem and Scoot LaForest. We thank them for the time and these amazing photos.


On Thursday July 13th, I had the distinct honor of attending the re-dedication of the McFarlen Veteran’s Memorial Park in downtown Flint. It was a great reminder of the sacrifices of all the men and women who made for our freedom. It made me realize how much I love this country and how fortunate all of us are to live here. All of us in the “BRICKS” organization are committed to providing great family-friendly opportunities to show patriotism and say thank you to all our veterans past and present. You will notice we made changes over the last two years to do our best to always incorporate an American Flag into our designs. We honor the Flag and what it stands for as well as all our Veterans.


Speaking of Veterans… Did you know that on Saturday during the Main Event we do an opening ceremony with a tribute to all veterans? It’s a site to be seen for sure. The program will include an Invocation, an inspiring performance of our National Anthem by a special guest. Over 2,000 handheld American Flags are passed out to wave high to the special “flyovers” by 4 amazing military aircraft that will make its’ way along Saginaw Street high above. Veterans from all around are invited. This year, thanks to our partner Huntington Bank, we will have 150 collector Veterans shirts to be handed out near the statue plaza following the presentation. Click here to check out our website for more details on this special event.


Make sure you all buckle up, we are about to take off, so much to come in August!



Thank you, 

Al Jones

Chairman of the Board

Back to the Bricks®


Tune Up Week

Monday August 7th - Saturday August 12th

Tune Up Week

Sponsored by

Huntington Bank

August 7th - 13th 2023


Main Event Week

Crusin' Car Show Presented by Dort Financial Credit Union at Shea Chevrolet Monday August 15th 2023

Tuesday Bricks Flicks @ US23 Drive In August 16th 2023

Wednesday/Thursday Rolling Cruise August 17th & 18th 2023

FREE Cruise N Concert

Friday August 18th 2023

Sponsored by Big John Steak & Onion and Tonic Events

Main Event Saturday & Opening Ceremony

Saturday August 19th 2023

HUGE Thank you to all our Sponsors!!!

See them HERE

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Hotel Accommodations for Main Event



We are excited for our out of town guests to come to Genesee County. We've listed a few hotels that would love to have you stay. We are even exclusive partners with two hotels offering some great deals.

Click HERE to visit our Hotel Accommodations website page for more details.

Back to the Bricks Race Night at Birch Run Speedway

Back to the Bricks® "Race Night" at Birch Run Speedway Friday July 21st

Get your classic cars ready, drive to the Speedway and let's have some fun.

Friday Night Thunder Series #3 with Must See Racing Winged Sprits!

It's Back To The Bricks® Night!! Wear your Back To The Bricks® swag and receive $5 off your entry. It’s going to be racing action at its finest on Birch Run’s Dixie Speedway. Come on car fans, come out and celebrate with us, a FUN NIGHT with Back to the Bricks® and Birch Run Speedway!!!

The official Back to the Bricks® Merchandise Trailer will be on hand selling general merchandise for all.

10945 Dixie Hwy, Birch Run, MI 48415

Other Events During Back to the Bricks® Main Event

Did you know that each year we have multiple events going on during Back to the Bricks® Main Event Saturday?

Well here's what you might not know about. . .

We've linked each item to their page with information or their website to view.

Scholarship Winners Have Been Selected!!!

For the past six years Back to the Bricks® has continued its pledge to education by offering a scholarship program for high school seniors who will be continuing their education in the fall. This year twenty some students who will be pursuing post-secondary study at a college or technical school in a STEAM discipline (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and/or Mathematics) applied for one of our scholarships.

A HUGE Thank You goes out to our Scholarship Committee for all their hard work this year on collecting applications, reviewing and rating each one, and making the final selections.

  • Hannah Crowder
  • Computer Engineering Grand Valley State University

  • Lucas Sandlin
  • Electrical Engineering Mott Community College

  • Michael Huot
  • Electrical Engineering Kettering University

  • Nathan Quast
  • Mechanical Engineering Michigan Tech

  • Peyton Spodney
  • Mechanical Engineering Kettering University

Al's Garage

Al’s Garage

Vol. 4, Issue #7

"Looking Back"

The month of August is fast approaching and the beginning of two solid weeks of Back to the Bricks® car related activities will be starting. Looking back, not many people gave the Back to the Bricks® organization much of a chance of surviving much more than a couple of years. The driving force behind starting Back to the Bricks®, was the decision to create a new car show and ‘why not hold it on the same day as the ‘Woodward Dream Cruise’? When the idea was presented to several local entities, including the City of Flint, Flint Convention and Visitors Bureau, numerous car clubs and collector car owners, we were met with a variety of negative responses. They include “You must be out of your minds”, “That’s the dumbest idea I’ve heard”, and “Are you all crazy?”

Myself and the few people that joined forces with me, answered to the negativity by deciding to move forward with our plans. At the time downtown Flint was often referred to as ‘Plywood City’ because most of the store fronts were boarded up and there was not much to downtown Flint. Convincing the media to help support the idea gained momentum, which helped tremendously and to this day plays a significant role to the continued success of the ‘BttB’. The planning for the first year’s events began in 2004 with monthly meetings taking place for the first Back to the Bricks® car show to happen in 2005. Needing an umbrella entity to operate under we approached the ‘Flint Convention and Visitors Bureau’ with a request for their support. Fortunately, the President of the FCVB, Jerry Preston, garnered us with their support. This turned out to be a major support for the ‘BttB’. Next up was getting financial support from the local business community, which was admittedly slow at first and which was understandable. Luck was on our side. One of the founding committee members, John Chapin (now deceased), asked me if I knew Doc Watson? I said ‘no’! Who is he? It turns out Doc Watson was one of the founders of the ‘Hurst’ shifter company. Even better Doc lived in the area and John and his son, Jason, thought we could convince Doc to donate five-hundred tee-shirts to give away free at the 1st Back to the Bricks® car show. At the time the cost of the t-shirts were approximately $2,500 and we did not have a dime in the bank! But thanks to Doc Watson, it all came together. We gave away the 500 (now collectors) t-shirts which confirmed that at the minimum we attracted 500 collector car owners to bring their cars to downtown Flint. And as they say, ‘the rest is history’.

Fast forward to 2023. Today the Back to the Bricks® Classic Car Events is rated in the ‘Top Five’ national car events. This was made possible by the efforts of the BttB committee, the BttB Board of Directors, our sponsors, hundreds of volunteers, the City of Flint and surrounding communities and our valued media partners. And what about the collector car owners and the spectators? Obviously without their support there would be no Back to the Bricks®, and our gratitude for their support goes beyond words.

In closing, the foregoing just scratches the surface of the history of the Back to the Bricks® as there is much, much more to the story. Enjoy the 19th Annual Back to the Bricks® and to all the naysayers, we forgive you and with a grin from ear-to-ear, enjoy the show! Have a great time, party hard and most of all, drive safely.

Keep on Rollin'

Al Hatch

Founder of the Back to the Bricks® 

Chairman Emeritus

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