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November 2020 Newsletter
November 18, 2020
The latest from the Chairman of the Board
Well 2020 is almost over and Back To The Bricks® is already planning an expanded and exciting 2021 year of events. There will be new events plus our Promo Tour, Road Rally’s, Tune-Up parties, Drive-In, Rolling Cruise, Free Concert and Main Event. 2021 will be expanded, and it will be a very exciting year.

Looking back at 2020, Back To The Bricks® could only host Road Rally’s due to the pandemic, but they were well attended, and the participants had a safe and great time. We are in the planning stage of two new Road Rally’s for 2021 in addition to our regular scheduled events.

We want to thank our Sponsors, Committee Members, Board of Directors, and all our Collector Car supporters for having patience with us during this very different year. I want you to know, if possible, Back To The Bricks® 2021 will be the biggest and best show ever!

With the continued changes and suggestions coming from our Government leaders, we will announce our decision on Chrome & Ice 2021 the first week of December. We are doing everything we can to plan an event to ensure the safety and health of our Guests, Vendors, Volunteers and Show Car owners. From our last Chrome & Ice event in February 2020 with record numbers of guests, cars and featured displays, we want to to put on an even bigger and better event this next year, but making sure it’s safe to do so, is our number one priority. 

Pete Cimbala, Chairman of the Promo Tour, and the entire team will have announcements in December about their 2021 tour. We are excited and cannot wait to hear about the dates and host cities for next year’s tour.
Remember, Stay home, stay safe, and keep our leaders, our first-responders, and especially, our health care providers, and the scientific community searching for a cure and a vaccine in your thoughts and prayers!

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe.

Steve Hobson
Chairman of the Board
Back to the Bricks®
Our 2020-2021 Board of Directors
The Back to the Bricks® fiscal year started October 2020. With the new fiscal year came a few changes to our board. Below is the new Board of Directors, we are thrilled with to have a few new additions.
Officers - Executive Committee
Chairman of the Board - Steve Hobson
Vice Chairman of the Board - Al Jones
Secretary - Andrea Bergstrom
Treasurer - Clay Perkins
Chairman of the Events Committee – Kevin Murphy
Automotive Heritage Committee Chairman – John Gazall
Executive Director - Amber Taylor

Andy Suski
Bob Sovis
Dale McClelland
Dan Cady
Dave Wood
Guy Briggs
Jack Stock
Jeff Drake
Kevin Kirbitz
Mike McDougall
Pete Cimbala
Ralph Messer
Scott Allen 
What's new with our Executive Director
Hey everyone!

I know many of you are excited to hear about what we are working on for 2021. TRUST me when I say, we can't wait to talk about it. 2021 will feature at least two new events, as Steve mentioned above, bring back the Road Rally's taking you to all new places and so much more. We understand this year has been lack luster, in fact many would say a disappointment. But if you look at what we did accomplish, and what we were able to do during a pandemic, I believe we were able to made lemonade out of lemons. More details to come in the beginning of the year.

I am super excited to announce that we've been working on our Back to the Bricks® Merchandise site, and we have ALL NEW items. With the Holidays approaching quickly, now is the time to stock up on great gifts for yourself or that special car lover in your life. See the RED link below and happy Shopping!

Well that's all for now! Thanks again for all your support, and know that I am here anytime to chat.

Amber Taylor
Executive Director
Back to the Bricks®
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Al's Garage
Al’s Garage
Vol. #1, Issue #9


Now that the summer (what there was of it) car cruises and shows have come to an end attention to our car projects takes center stage. And that means a lot of serious garage time. It seems like every time I get into a new project it leads me to expanding my ever-growing collection of tools. You know, the tools that some of your car buddies have but you do not.

A couple of garage items that I have purchased over the years that have proven to be extremely useful have been a sand blasting cabinet and a double arbor buffing wheel. As many of you know a sand blasting cabinet comes in handy for both big and small projects. Removing paint and rust off any given part and a fresh application of paint can make a part look like new. The obvious benefit is that a sand blasting cabinet can save you time searching for a new or better used part not too mention saving you a considerable amount of money. Along with the sand blasting cabinet an air compressor comes into play. Most cabinets require a compressor that can generate enough air volume to be efficient enough to do the job. The benefits of a good compressor are considerable; painting, running a variety of air tools, airing up tires and yes, the kid’s toys. Now for the buffing wheel.

Buffing wheels come in a numerous horse powers from ½ to 3H.P. (commercial units). Buffing up stainless bolts making them look like chrome, stainless steel trim parts, brass fittings and a host of other parts that you could make to look better then new. A word of caution when you are using a buffing wheel. Safety glass and leather gloves are must. From a personal experience I was buffing a stainless-steel trim plate for a four-speed shifter. The part got hung up in the wheel and before I knew it my right hand got caught in the wheel. It happened so quickly I did not have time to react to my hand making a couple of revolution with the wheel. Keep in mind that the buffing wheel was turning at 1750 rpms. My entire hand immediately went numb and I hesitated to remove the glove from my right hand. When I finally did my entire hand was a pale light blue. For some reason it did not hurt much but I could barely move my right thumb. As the discoloration of my entire hand became a purplish light blue, I figured it was time to shut to buffer off, turning off the garage lights and call it a day. The next day I was in the local emergency clinic for Xray’s of my hand. No broken bones but plenty of bruises. I left the emergency clinic with a partial cast on my hand and right forearm. The lesson here is as useful a buffer can be that can ‘bit you’ if you are not careful when using them. Moving onto something that I have found extremely useful are the gear wrenches.

Gear wrenches have really come into their own and have become one of the most popular tools in the toolbox. And how about the soft square handle screwdrivers? The old Craftsman plastic handle screwdrivers are rapidly being relegated to the emergency toolbox that we carry in our collector car. Obviously, I have only scratched the surface about useful tools and this month’s edition of ‘Al’s Garage’ could turn into an entire book so I will cut it off at this point.

Here’s and idea; if you have a favorite tool why not post what it is on the ‘Back to the Bricks’ Facebook page. Who know maybe you have an uncle in the tool business that we can all pay a visit too?

Stay safe and get back to the garage.

Keep on rollin’

Al Hatch