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October 2023 Newsletter

October 20th, 2023

Latest from the Chairman of the Board

Hello Back to the Bricks® Friends,

Fall is a time of year that is filled with mixed emotions. I’m excited that we at Back to the Bricks® have experienced an exceptional year of great crowds and positive experiences. But at the same time, I feel sadness that comes as I grasp every ride in my Buick as if it’s the last ride of the year, because it might be. I have gathered many of the needed supplies to put the cars away for a long winter’s nap. But enough of that for now.


I encourage you to get out and enjoy the beautiful colors of fall. Cruise every available day in your special car, going to get some cider and donuts at your favorite apple orchard. Enjoy every sunny day while you can.


One of my favorite end of the summer events has always been Frankenmuth Autofest. This year they celebrated their 40th anniversary. That’s a tribute to all the work that the organizers and volunteers have put in over the years. 


There is another milestone anniversary coming next year for us, it’s our 20th year and we are planning some special things that you will enjoy. Like Frankenmuth Autofest, our longevity is a tribute to our founding members and current members of our committees and volunteers.


There is a Chrome & Ice™ Team, a Promo Tour Team, a Main Event team, and many volunteers who give their time and talents to making the “Bricks” organization run as well as it does. THANK YOU to everyone involved in making things happen. So, if you want to be involved as a volunteer in this fun group, sign up. I can guarantee that you will meet some of the best people in our community that will become friends that turn into family. 


Enjoy the fall weather in your cruiser! 

Thank you, 

Al Jones

Chairman of the Board

Back to the Bricks®


Save the Dates!!!

9th Annual Chrome & Ice™ Winter Indoor Classic Car Event

Feb 9th-11th 2024

It's not too early to start planning for the FIRST Car Show of the NEW Year. Chrome & Ice™ is a three day indoor car show held at Dort Financial Center in Flint Michigan, presented by General Motors, and brought to you by Dort Financial Credit Union.

Year after year, the Back to the Bricks® team works hard to bring you a wonderful display of unbelievable cars, and this first show in 2024 will be another to get excited about. Our ever favorite VIP Experience event will be back Friday Feb 9th, and a 3 day Car Show Pass will be on sale for those real car fans!!! 

Registration to open November 1st, 2023

We are in search of Special Display Cars.

Maybe YOU have it in your Garage!

In 1950 there were 40 million cars on the road by the end of the decade that number would almost double.

We want to celebrate the 50's with a very exclusive and special display.

If you have a Car or Truck that is pristine and worthy of special recognition, please enter for the opportunity to have a coveted spot.

The Pontiac GTO is a front-engine, rear-drive, 2 door, 4 or 5 passenger automobile manufactured and

marketed by the Pontiac division of General Motors. This year we would like to honor the GTO with a special display. 

If you have a GTO between 64 and 72, that is in pristine condition, please enter for the opportunity to be selected.

So if you have a vehicle within the above parameters, please enter for your chance to be selected.

Register HERE

Meet this years Chairman of Chrome & Ice™

Chrome & Ice™ is more than a car show, it's a Family affair. And this year's Chairman of Chrome & Ice™ is more than a volunteer, he is truly family... Literally son to the Chairman of the Board Al Jones.


Back to the Bricks® is excited to introduce this year’s Chairman of Chrome & Ice™ Adam Jones. Adam isn't a stranger to the car community, he's been around the BTTB organization almost the entire 20 years, standing proudly and cruising next to his dad, and even held the Co-Chair position last year at Chrome & Ice™ alongside Ralph Messer Vice Chairman of the Board.


He’s ready to take on this year’s event with experience needed in all areas, right down to parking the cars on the ice, and he carries the excitement for the organization to lead the way.

We did a little Q&A with Adam, get to know him more here...

What is your favorite part about being engaged with the Back To The Bricks® organization?

  • Hearing the stories of the cars and the people that own them and work on them. The journey of that car is the story. These guys we have now to speak with are the last of the awesome generations where these cars came from, and we need to cherish that and them.

How does it feel working with your dad in another capacity? Your dad being the chairman of the board.

  • It’s great. We have owned a business together for over 20 years and we have challenges, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s one of my best friends and appreciate his example of leadership throughout my life.

What vehicles do you own, or family vehicles that you love bringing to the Back To The Bricks® events?

  • I own a 1955 Pontiac Chieftain and a 1986 Chevy C10 short bed. My dad has many vehicles, but I love his 1956 Buick Special or the 1985 Buick Riviera Turbo 6.

If you could get his advice to any of our younger participants, what would it be?

  • Go around and talk to the old guys! Ask good questions and let them tell you how they built the cars we drive when they were new and restored them when they were old. Listen and learn from them. 

Why would you suggest people getting involved as volunteers?

  • We need your ideas, and we hear them often, but until you see it from the other side it’s hard to know what to suggest. Volunteer and always be willing to say, “what’s next?” 

What’s the best memory you have from a Back To The Bricks® event, and why is that memory so important to you?

  • My best memory was at the inaugural Dust ‘em Off show in 2021. I had just gotten out of the hospital 2 days prior, and I wasn’t supposed to be alive let alone at a car show. My dad, Al Jones, was Chairman of this event, and he was so proud that almost 1,000 cars came out to the first one. That was a good day, one I will never forget.

What do you look forward to seeing this year as chairman of Chrome And Ice™?

  • I am expecting it to be a great show. It is the first show of our 20th Anniversary. I want to start off right for our 20th year. It will be a great event with crowds, cool cars, and an awesome atmosphere. And hopefully good weather! 

Ralph Messer Vice Chairman talks Volunteers

We cannot express how much our volunteers mean to us. Without them, we would not be able to host events, or have a big show in February or August. In appreciation to their hard work, we held a volunteer appreciation dinner last Monday. It was held at the HUB DMC in Davison and was a wonderful night. They were served a delicious catered meal, had the opportunity to win prizes, relax and chat with their friends, and hear from myself, our Chairman Al Jones and Executive Director Amber Taylor. A tremendous year of events, put on by these hardworking individuals, we know we can't thank them enough.


Managing our volunteers has become more difficult over the years due to the number of volunteers it takes to put on events, and to help with that we are developing a program to track our volunteers. This program will help in assigning volunteers and notifying them of job assignments and times to report. All communication will be by email or text messages on your phone. Leaders will be assigned, and we KNOW this will help us with better clearer communication.


This new program will require you to sign up again, so watch your email for the new signup form. Once you get it please share it with anyone you know that would like to volunteer. All volunteers, committee members and even our Board of Directors will be added to the program, so that everyone has the same experience with our events and having the opportunity to work at them.


Thank you again to our current volunteers for all you do, YOU make this organization shine in this community!

Ralph Messer

Vice Chairman of the Board

Back to the Bricks®


I recently returned from a trip to Normandy, site of the D-Day landings that penetrated Adolph Hitler’s Fortress Europe. It was a somber and serious opportunity to offer my thanks and appreciation and gain further understanding. Everywhere in Normandy are reminders of the unrelenting courage of the men who quite literally ran into a hail of bullets and razor-sharp shrapnel. Also, too are the reminders of the machines that made this entire expedition possible.


In visiting the Battle of Normandy Museum, I was almost immediately met with an M-10 tank. Considered the most widely used and important tank of the war, and on D-Day. And right there, in Normandy was the marker that honored the Fisher Tank Arsenal of Grand Blanc for producing the tank. While I stood there in my Flint Road Cart Company T shirt (the company Billy Durant and Dallas Dort created that is recognized as the forerunner of General Motors) I was overcome with the enormity of our cities impact on the world. . . .

Read the full story here

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Al's Garage

Al’s Garage

Vol. #4, Issue #10

"Fall and Winter projects"

Now that the car show cruise-in events are for the most part, coming to an end, many of us are now beginning to turn our thoughts and attention to fall and winter projects. I am no exception as I too have a project that I acquired from the Linden, Michigan Tune-Up Party this past August.

I have looked at a few Willys Jeepster’s over the past few years. When I was attending the Linden Tune-Up Party, I came across a 1950 Willys Jeepster that had a ‘For Sale’ sign on the windshield. The owner of the Jeepster was sitting behind the vehicle and I stuck up a conversation with him, asking him a few questions and for his phone number. For the most part the Jeepster was unrestored but was treated to a repaint sometime ago. Other then sporting a set of faux chrome wire wheels it was what I would consider unrestored with virtually no modifications other than the wheels (the owner still had the original wheels and hubcaps). We parted and I told him I would be in touch with him soon.

Like many will do, I had to talk to the ‘better half’ before moving forward with the purchase of the Jeepster. I explained to my wife that I needed a project as I was becoming a couch potato and I needed something to do. Her response was not surprising as she responded, “You already have enough cars to take care of!” No argument there from me, but let’s face it you can only wash and wax a car so much before the paint starts to come off. At least I thought of something to say but it was a pretty weak response on my part. Anyway, my wife and I came to terms, and I proceeded with the purchase of the Jeepster.

I drove the car home with very little problem, as the engine ran well but the brakes were a little soft. Familiarizing myself with the ‘three on the tree’ indeed came back to me quickly, and once home I immediately put it in the work bay of my garage and up on the lift. The first thing I did was to polish all the chrome by removing most of it. I followed up by wheeling and buffing up the paint and thoroughly cleaning the interior, the faux chrome wire wheels, and tires. Now came the hard part…the engine bay.

Picture this. Seventy years of road grime that had accumulated on the engine and all related parts that were attached to the engine, inner fender wells, radiator, etc. I am sure you will get the picture. As I am doing a cosmetic restoration, I opted not to remove the engine and transmission. Once I am finished the heavy cleaning it will be presentable certainly not a concours trailer queen. The cleaning is turning out to be more of a task then I anticipated but I put a couple of hours in on the Jeepster most days, and it is coming around and it will keep me busy this fall.

That’s it for October, I will keep you abreast of my progress. 


Al Hatch

Founder of the Back to the Bricks® 

Chairman Emeritus

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