August 9th - August 14th
A word from our Executive Director Amber Taylor
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Amber Taylor, CTA
Executive Director
Back to the Bricks®
Excitement is building as Tune-Up Parties are officially READY to rock and roll. They will take place over the course of next week around the county. Attractions and activities will vary by location, but include concessions, Official Back to the Bricks® Merchandise, Official Back to the Bricks® Root Beer, vendors, Dj’s, live music, dancing in the streets and giveaways, including 100 – 300 T-shirts, thanks to ELGA Credit Union, at each location with brand new designs unique to that community.
A Word from the Tune-Up Parties Chairman
Hey everyone,

There are some new and exciting things added to the Tune-up Party fun. They are being announced here for the first time. First, each city will have 50 dash plaques designed specifically for that city to commemorate our 10th anniversary of the Tune-Up Parties. These will be available first come first serve for $5.00 each. Be sure to collect all six!
Also new this year is a scavenger hunt at each location. Each hunt will be tailored to the community the event is in. There will be custom car prizes for the winners. Be sure to check the Back to the Bricks® Facebook page daily for directions, hints, and updates.
At the Mt Morris City Tune-up party there will special dash plaques for our veterans in honor of their service to our country. Without their service we would not be able to have these events.
Don’t miss the band Crash from 7-10pm at the Mt Morris Tune-up party.
Be sure to check out the merchandise tent at each event! There will be t-shirts, dash plaques, posters, our amazing Root Beer and much more! 
Official Back to the Bricks® Root Beer
Get your Root Beer while supplies last at the Tune Up Parties!
Sold by the bottle, or all new 4 pack!

Special Thank You to Bill Carr Signs & Black Diamond Trailers for being the 4 pack Sponsor!

Come check out the Band
 from 7-10pm at the Mt. Morris Tune-Up Party,
Saturday August 14th
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Tune Up Party Week

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