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Newsletter February 2014

Well, what a month of varied energies January brought us! That's a polite way of saying that it appeared to be bordering on the edge of complete chaos for the most part....... Someone stirred the cosmic 'soup' and all that had been lying undisturbed at the bottom of the dish was agitated, aerated and made visible. Sleepless nights, emotional outbursts, tears from 'nowhere', technical anc communication issues (lots of!), frustrations and just general all out exhaustion have been the name of the game through January! Concommitant with that have been the external manifestations of major storms, intense cold, floods and all manner of issues connected with this extreme agitation in our energetic environment.

As a number of individuals noted, it was the last month in the Chinese year of the snake & the 'snake was shedding the last of its skin' in order to complete the cycle. I enjoyed this analogy as it connected in very strongly with the focus of our gathering on 15 January where we were drawn to focus in the root chakra (the root = home of the 'sleeping serpent, kundalini, the ultimate spiritual force).

Our event of 15 January (the Presence of Power) was in perfect alignment with the energies as we took our attention down to the root chakra and back to the 'beginning' so to speak. We went into our very foundations and shook them up. Guided through an amazing process of really deep clearing, releasing and realignment, we came face to face with the force and the presence of real power - now we need to work out how to use it powerfully and appropriately.
Many indiviuals emailed me afterwards to share their personal stories of how long-held attachments were released through this process. If you missed the Live event, you can still gain access to the recording via the webpage here 

For myself, I noticed an 'irritation' in the root chakra in the days following the gathering, along with an emotional component of irritation and anger at what appeared to be insignificant things. When I connected in more deeply, an unfolding began to take place in which I was given insights into the origins of patterns in this life and then further back through the annals of time.
One of the analogies I was given was that the 'irritation' in the root chakra, is akin to the irritation needed within a pearl oyster in order to generate and create the beautiful pearls with their translucent lustre. Without the irritation within the shell, the pearl cannot form. Our current realignment and the stirring up is enabling us begin the process of inner creation of the 'pearls of real wisdom', the true power of the Cosmic Feminine energy.

The stability of our root chakra is so incredibly important in our ability to hold and anchor in our real power, and a great deal of this energy has become caught up in what I experienced viscerally as the wounds of the Cosmic Mother principle. This concept has been brought out of the realms of mental and intellectual understanding, into manifestation in the physical.

We are therefore travelling back in 'time' through our cellular structures and physical bodies in order to create a solid foundation for a more enlightened 'humanitarian' future. This has opened up a whole new facet of our life expression and purpose of our being here now, individually and collectively, as we unravel the distortions inherited through time - literally across millenia.

As February unfurls along with the Chinese year of the Horse, we are given an opportunity (if we have done our inner work), to move ahead with a clearer focus, purpose and perspective. Ideas will begin to consolidate and coalesce in a different way. Things you never thought of before, novel solutions to problems and new directions will present themselves if you allow yourself the space and opportunity to see and hear them. February is not the time however to surge forward - not just yet. The urge may be there and passion is stirring, but the new foundations still need to be stabilised. We need to ensure our new 'power base' is harnessed and properly focussed, otherwise we risk our energies being scattered. It's the difference between 'partnering' with the horse energy or leaving it completely wild!
As a human race, this analogy is an interesting one as the horse is one of those intelligent animals that we have learned to work with and that has 'partnered' with us in so many ways in order to support our very existence.

During February we have Mercury retrograde as well as the 10 day GAP sequence, both of which lead us inwards to re-evaluate, plan, construct and organise. With the power in the root chakra beginning to surge, this may feel a little uncomfortable, however if we hold that power within and align with the cosmic forward flow, the rewards will be so much greater in the long run! (pun intended).

So, I hope you enjoy some of the stimulating links this month - lots of reading, watching and above all, expansion of awareness for you.
Also, during the past few weeks an amazing new gem essence was birthed - Lapis lazuli - see the detail below for more information! This is a potent essence that activates the relevant energetic processes literally within 24 hours.

I am also putting together the final touches of a new 'program' to be launched on 7 March : "Diamond Goddess Rising". This is going to be a 12 month journey into the heart of the Goddess and there is a heck of a lot of info consolidating into this. I will be doing a free intro seminar on this later in Feb., so keep your eyes open. This program is for those who truly want to know and understand who they are, and will contain a lot of esoteric wisdom and knowledge that is anything but 'new agey'. There's a lot that has taken place to bring this program into being, and I look forward to sharing some of that with you later.....

In the meantime, I hope you will join us in the 'Diamond' community on 13 February as we set the tone for a 10 day 'cosmic connection' aligned with the themes of this year. If January's event was anything to go by, it'll be another corker!

Much love to you all and be 'the real diamond among the rhinestones'"

Julie x

Note :
I have a real sense that spontaneous kundalini releases (unleashing the spiritual power of the inner serpentine force) from the root chakra may just become more prominent this year. There is an inherent link between the root chakra, kundalini, and the Cosmic female force - could be interesting! Being passionate about education and learning, I hhighly recommend the Kundalini Awareness 3-part program as an educational basis for understanding how, what, where and why the kundalini energy manifests. (I've put the program on promotion this month as it feels really important that some real information is made available - check out the promotions page).

Brand New : Lapis Lazuli Gem Essence (with diamond)
For our journey Back to the Future!

When Big Jules (my Higher Self) started dropping in messages and awareness of Lapis Lazuli earlier in January, I have to say I was intrigued. Knowing that there is always a purpose to the insistent prompts, I hauled out my Lapis jewellery and began wearing it again. At the same time, I started taking a deeper look at some of the qualities of this gemstone that I have always enjoyed. 

One of the books I was led to was an incredible book by Peter Tumminello, The Twelve Jewels in which he explores 12 different homeopathic gem essences, however I had never got further than his amazing work with the Diamond. Lo and Behold, one of the gems he had worked with was indeed Lapis Lazuli. In addition to the common associations we have with this stone (third eye, communication, high priest/priestess etc), I was intrigued with a particular recommendation he makes that indicates this remedy for 'Healing Mother Wounds' - this was an unexpected association with Lapis Lazuli & was very aligned with the group clearing we did on 15 January, where the focus was on the lower chakras.

My next instruction was to create an essence combined with diamond & after the imprinting and charging with a beautiful Lapis pyramid, I could hardly wait to take it to see what it would bring. Within the first day, I was given insight into some of the issues around my own relationship with my mom and a very deep understanding of the origin of some of the family dynamics. Within 3 days, I was being guided to some profound information and insights about the links with all of humanity and the 'Cosmic Mother', our source of power and ultimately leading back to the 'Cosmic Mother wounds', including where this information is stored in our physical bodies (male and female). I was also shown the esoteric symbolism associated with this and the links through our cellular structures. I was honestly astounded by the depth and level of the connection that was made in just 3 days, as well as the correspondences with information I was being guided to (the fourth day of taking the essence, the insights were just dropping in so fast that I couldn't sit still!)

There was also some wonderful insight from a 'tester' that I gave the essence to & this is what she had to say :

"This is a preparation essence for participating in the power of joyful living. It evokes shivers of Truth in the body as it grounds the energy system by first taking the energy down into the root. The energy then 'springs back' up and expands through the crown. It has an instinctive signature and recognises which part of the body requires opening up for healing. It helps to gently release, offering opportunities to let go. It may even produce a few tears in the reconnection and recognition of deeper spiritual awareness"

All of this is feeding into a vivid and important branch or avenue for our continued Diamond journey that will be unfolding throughout 2014, more of which will be imparted later in February.

Taking this essence will open your eyes, mind and being in unexpected ways, ultimately setting a future path by providing insight into the 'origins' of things. It is a journey 'Back to the Future', and the timing of it is highly relevant to the work we are required to do this year. It is also perfect timing for the first 10 day GAP column coming up on 13 Feb (our next event).

This fascinating new essence is now availble for you via the promotions page here.
I'd love to hear where it tales you!!
Events not to be missed

1.  13 Feb : The Power of Wisdom and Magic

Following on from the grand Power of Presence gathering on 15 January, we follow this with the initiation of a sequence of 10 consecutive GAP days on 13 Feb. This particular column of GAP days aligns us with the Sacred Feminine aspects of being, taking us deep into the cosmic mysteries and wisdom of the 'Cosmic Mother'. After the experiences of 15 January and continuing messages being 'downloaded' I expect this to be a super-charged gathering.....
Join us for another Diamond charged inner journey!

An 'in-person' workshop that introduces you to the Ancestral healing and Soul Retrieval processes through the Diamond Light Grid. This advanced level workshop also explores more sacred geometric principles that link the diamond to the ancient wisdom of the Kabala. Profound learnings! (you must have completed at least Level 1 Practitioner to attend this workshop).


3. The Magic of Colour - New online classes starting 24 February

My passion for working with colour has been recharged through the recent classes we have been sharing! We have had novices as well as experienced healers and previous students of colour, all enjoying a new level of insight and transformation through this colour journey. This 'Language of Light' is an adventure into the real magic and energetic information in frequency and is a wonderful adjunct to all spiritual practices and forms of energy healing.
"You are an inspirational teacher & as soon as I can I am going to continue this journey by doing an Antaneea course with you!" Rose, UK
"Each week I learn something interesting that I never realised about colour. I am amazed at the depth of information and so pleased I followed my intuition to do this workshop" 
Special links of interest to stimulate mind and heart

1.MIT Open Courses
Ok, this is some serious left brain stuff, but is a really great resource if there are certain subjects you would like to explore a little further. What is so brilliant is that all of the course materials are offered here completely FREE. So, if you would like a foundation in genetics or the history of art, there are course materials available for instant download. A good resource to know about if you are interested in self-study and learning across a broad range of subjects..

2.Tell the Lords of Karma you are Sovereign! an article by Cameron Day
I rather enjoyed Cameron day's firss follows on from that. It's the kind of no nonsense approach that I rather enjoy & contains a lot of sense in too. It alsot article, "Why I am no longer a Lightworker" and thi ties in with our theme of coming to understand our sovereignty in a much deeper way!

3. Celia Fenn, "The Bridge - Crossing to a New Reality"
Posted shortly after our 15 January event, the essence of Celia Fenn's post provided some powerful validation of the root chakra healing we focussed on and experienced! Some interesting additional insight to support the reclamation of power.

4.Womb of Light : Healing the Sacred Feminine
Healing the Mother wound! The guidance in this blog post is oriented specifically at women, however it is aimed at breaking the cycles and patterns that exist between mother-daughter and which perpetuate the subjugation of the sacred feminine. When women begin to heal this within themselves, the ripple effect ultimately leads to more expansive healing of families, commnities and cultures. 

5.Origins and Oracles : Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation   by Michael Tsarion
Michael Tsarion is an exceptionally well read researcher on the subject of ancient occult (Occult meaning 'hidden'!) beliefs and how the understanding of astro-theology has been subverted and used to hijack human consciousness. This part of his epic series under the banner of Origins and Oracles is lengthy in itself and so packed with information that it needs to be digested in small chunks. It is however, very well referenced and worth sticking it out in order to truly understand the need for real awakening. A powerful expose and insightful program.

6.Geoengineering : Kristen Meghan, ex Military Whistleblower
Kristen Meghan put her military career on the line to stand up and speak about what she discovered in respect of the US military's involvement in chemical geoengineering. This is a short video well with paying attention to.

7.  Mercury Retrograde by Sarah Varcas
A great blog post by Sarah Varcas on the mechanism and purpose of mercury retrograde (initiating on 6 February)

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