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Mauck & Baker, located in downtown Chicago, is nationally known for representing churches, religious institutions, businesses and individuals in religious liberties cases. Our monthly newsletter covers topics relating to religious news and legal information relevant to our practice. Please forward our newsletter on to others interested in religious freedom and visit our website for more information about our work. 

Public colleges or free speech silencers?        
February, 2015

Historically, the purpose of public colleges has been to   provide a marketplace of ideas, thought, and education to young adults-those capable of thinking and speaking independently and critically of the world around them. This is why the freedom of speech, the ability to express varied points of view and ideas no matter how odd or unpopular, has long been considered critical to the success or purpose of a college. Read more on our take on free speech.  
The humorous side of law       
February, 2015

Turning the stereotype of the stuffy lawyer on its head is attorney Vince Auricchio. Vince owns Auricchio Law Office, practicing real estate and personal injury law. He shared some insight into starting his own firm, his journey to faith, and growing through trials. Read more for the entire profile on Vince.  



Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus    
February, 2015

In "Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus," former devout Muslim, Dr. Nabeel Qureshi, shares about his conversion to Christianity. Dr. Qureshi is a speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and has a background in medicine and theology. Read Noel W. Sterett's review as he shares his thoughts on the importance of understanding our Muslim neighborhoods.