On June 20, Jeremy Howard will attempt the Fastest Known Time (FKT) of the Long Trail in VT. Specifically, he will attempt to run the 273-mile route in under 6 days completely unsupported. This markedly individual task will test every physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual faculty Jeremy has.

So why would anyone attempt such a feat? In Jeremy's case, he says, "Completing my journey will be much more satisfying knowing I’ve done it while supporting The Play Brigade’s mission to help empower, influence and inspire people with disabilities. I have a brother with Down Syndrome and a family friend with a limb difference. I understand how important it is for them, and countless others, to feel a part of their community.”

Many of you have a personal connection to our mission as well. You can support Jeremy and The Play Brigade by:

  1. Nominating, becoming, or sponsoring an Ambassador.
  2. Running, wheeling, or walking a distance of your choice.
  3. Make a donation at playbrigade.com.