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Back2Front Newsletter Q1 - 2018

The entire Back2Front team wishes you, your family, and your business: health, happiness, and success in 2018!

New team members

Our team is growing! We're very pleased to welcome some new developers to our team! 

They're getting closer and closer to being ready to work with our clients directly and we're excited for what they bring to the Back2Front family. 
Ongoing innovation

With the ever changing world of web standards and principles we're always updating the tools we use to serve our clients better. 

In 2018 we'll continue this process by deploying tools designed to enable our clients to have fully responsive websites! 

Interested in a responsive site? 

Contact us at any of the methods listed here: http://back2front.ca/060~Contact_Us/ and we'll be more than happy to discuss how we can modernize your site for all devices!

The value of video

Video content is great for your website. It can: improve your search rankings and your site's user experience; convey a large amount of information in a very short period of time to users who may not be invested enough to read lots of copy; and help build credibility via training and how-to videos to mention only a few of the benefits.

With a variety of options available for hosting videos and the opportunity to leverage those platforms to drive traffic to your site, any use of video on your site is worth considering. 

Our web management experts can help analyze your site to identify where video could be inserted and strategize with you to maximize its effectiveness.

Event tracking

If you have more than one link that points to any resource / page on your site, how do you know which one is driving users to your content more than the other? 

Do you have a slide show on your site? Do you know how many different slides are typically viewed by your users and which are being clicked on most? 

Did you know that Back2Front can help you answer these questions (and more!) through the use of event tracking?  By utilizing Analytics, Back2Front can help you track clicks, views, video plays, and time spent on pages to name a few examples. 

Our developers are trained on using these tools to help you gather the data that allows you to make informed decisions about your website and it's on-going development / management. 

Contact us today to discuss Event tracking and how it can be used to maximize every second a user spends on your site!

Are you using your company's web site to its fullest advantage?  
Call us at 1 888 227 9092 ex 702, we can help you discover the best web based business tools for your company and improve your bottom line!

- The Back2Front Team

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