Q3 Newsletter | 2018
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We're a month into the Summer of 2018 and the Back2Front team is working hard to find new and improved ways to further serve our clients!
Between trips to the cottage and visits to the beach, summer is a time for the 3 R's - Rest, Relaxation, and Reviewing your website!

For many websites, the summer is often the slowest months for traffic as their target market is away. With that in mind, it can be a great time to review your website and prepare it for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

Back2Front is always happy to help you review your site at any time of year! Working with you, we can:
  • Add new content to reflect new products or services.
  • Refine existing content to better entice your target market.
  • Review your monthly statistics to identify any opportunities for traffic growth.
  • Examine the flow and functionality of your site to unearth any conversion rate enhancements can be made.

Interested in any of the above? Contact us via any of the methods listed on our website and we'll arrange a chat with you ASAP!

Put That Spam Back In The Can!
Too much spam!
If you have an e-mail address, you probably get spam. It's nearly impossible to stop it all, but here are a few tips to reduce unwanted junk e-mail.

  • Block pictures in HTML messages by default. External content can verify your email address is valid. Thus the sender knows they can flood you with messages.
  • Think twice before putting your email address in a contact form. It's often a good idea to create a second e-mail address to use on sign-up forms.
  • Break the chain - don't forward chain mails. You know, the ones that say "forward this to 10 friends and you will get good luck!" or "I wonder how many people will show they care by forwarding this and replying to me?" Never mind that you could be perpetuating a hoax, every recipient after you can see your address in the reply chain.
  • Spam filters can be added into some email clients. Consider installing and configuring a spam filter to catch the junk mail that gets through your mail provider's spam filters.
  • Finally, review our article on spam to see more detailed explanations of types of spam, and ways to combat it. 
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Do you know of anyone in your supply / delivery chain that isn't 100% happy with their current website? If so, we've got an opportunity for you! By filling out the referral form linked below, you can connect them to Back2Front and our complete web site management service. If there is a match between what they need and what we offer, you can earn $100 for connecting us! Are you interested in learning more about our referral program, or do you already have companies in mind that could benefit from our service?

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Ongoing care for your web site is critical to online success, but it is rarely offered as a core competency by other web site providers. At Back2Front, ongoing care is our specialty!

Are you using your company's web site to its fullest advantage? 

Call us at 1 888 227 9092 x 702, we can help you discover the best web based business tools for your company and improve your bottom line!

~ The Back2Front Team
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