Q4 Newsletter | 2018
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The leaves are falling from the trees, the days are getting shorter, and the Back2Front team is getting ready for some big things for the Fall of 2018!
Now that the Summer is over and the colder weather is taking over, many people use this time to get their homes and gardens ready for the upcoming Winter. Back2Front is similarly getting prepared for the time ahead with some upgrades to our systems!

In addition to the ongoing process of improvement we apply to the tools that we have available for our developers to manage websites, the hardware that Back2Front sites are hosted on are currently being upgraded! These upgrades will provide our clients with the latest and greatest security available by utilizing modern security protocols, as well as leveraging the cloud to maximize site up-time and reduce any single points of failure / downtime.

With the software and hardware improvements taking place, we're also improving our team of developers! Two new developers are joining the team and will soon be in a position to offer their skills in order to serve Back2Front customers.

As always, Back2Front is always happy to help you review your site at any time of year!

Working with you, we can:

  • Add new content to reflect new products or services.
  • Refine existing content to better entice your target market.
  • Review your monthly statistics to identify any opportunities for traffic growth.
  • Examine the flow and functionality of your site to unearth any conversion rate enhancements that can be made.

Interested in any of the above? Contact us via any of the methods listed on our website and we'll arrange a chat with you ASAP!

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Website Sales Funnel - image sourced from: thepinkcadillacacademy.com
Pulling in a potential customer and making a sale: It’s the basis of your website. But how do you make visitors take that extra click and boost your bottom line? That’s where the science of conversion and Back2Front’s Conversion Program can help you.

Back2Front offers a 12 month program designed to evaluate your site, testing and correcting every aspect of it to maximize conversion !

Let us work with you through every step, from defining your value proposition to completing the transaction. Would you like to know more? Read more about our Conversion Program !
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About Us
Ongoing care for your web site is critical to online success, but it is rarely offered as a core competency by other web site providers. At Back2Front, ongoing care is our specialty!

Are you using your company's web site to its fullest advantage? 

Call us at 1 888 227 9092 x 702, we can help you discover the best web based business tools for your company and improve your bottom line!

~ The Back2Front Team
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