Q2 Newsletter | 2019
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The Canadian Digital Economy continues to grow and
was valued at over $100 billion in 2017!
" Canada's digital economy is growing much faster than the rest of the economy and is already bigger than staple industries such as mining, forestry and oil and gas."

According to a Statistics Canada report released in May of 2019 that looked at the contribution of technology-focused parts of the Canadian economy, Canada's digital economy continues to grow .

As of 2017, Canada's digital economy has grown to 5.5% of the economy and was valued at over $100 billion ( keep in mind, that was data from 2 years ago! ).

Now you may ask, "What does this mean to my business?" - At Back2Front, we believe it means that there are opportunities for your business to leverage this growing digital economy! You may have products, services, or tools that could be used online to grow your digital presence and Back2Front can take care of it for you!

Our team of experts are here and ready to discuss with you what opportunities exist for your business and what steps can be taken to begin capitalizing on them. Contact Us and let's get started today!
What is Structured Data and how do search engines use it?
Search engines such as Google have definitely become "smarter" since 2002 when Back2Front launched our first websites. However, sometimes they still need help in picking up on the content of your site and what it represents.

This is where structured data comes to the rescue! By adding structured data to a web page, Google can be given explicit clues about the meaning of the content.

For example, there are formats for businesses, products, services, articles, events, offers, creative works such as books, movies, and music tracks - and that's just a few of the definitions available! With this detailed information, search engines are able to do more with your content and display your results in ways that their users are familiar with.

Are you interested in learning more about structured data and whether or not it can be used on your website? (hint: it can!) Contact Us and our team of experts will walk you through the whole process and best of all, take care of it for you so your business can reap the benefits.
What comes first? Site traffic or conversion rate?

If your site has 1000 visitors in a month, and a conversion rate of 2%, on average you would expect to see 20 sales or contact submissions per month.

Now, let's say you want to increase from 20 to 40 sales per month. How could you do that? Well, Back2Front has the answer!

You can improve your conversion rate from 2% to 4% so that your base of 1000 visitors per month leads to 40 sales.


Increasing your site traffic from 1000 to 2000 visitors per month with your conversion rate staying at 2% would also result in 40 sales per month.

Wondering which of the above is more obtainable for your website? Back2Front is here to help you answer that question and create a strategy with you to improve either your site traffic, conversion rate, or better yet: both!

Contact Us today and let's get started!
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Do you know of anyone in your supply or delivery chain that isn't 100% happy with their current website?

Tell them about Back2Front and you could receive $100!

What makes Back2Front unique?
Ongoing care for your web site is critical to online success, but it is rarely offered as a core competency by other web site providers. At Back2Front, ongoing care is our specialty!

Are you using your company's web site to its fullest advantage? 

Call us at 1 888 227 9092 x 702, we can help you discover the best web based business tools for your company and improve your bottom line!

~ The Back2Front Team
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