"They have got this process backwards"
Ratepayer Advocate, Business leaders & media join call for release of Energy costs
How do you feel about waiting 18 more months to find out how much the Energy Proposals being pushed are going to cost? According to a NJ Spotlight News story, you are going to be expected to practice patience once again:

The state is hiring an outside consultant to analyze what its transition to clean energy will cost ratepayers, an assessment repeatedly delayed even as policymakers approve projects saddling customers with billions of dollars in new charges... A new analysis is projected to take 18 months, a time frame in which the Murphy administration is likely to make big financial decisions involving expensive clean-energy projects but without that information being made public.

So if you are following along, after first going back to the drawing board, we now need a new special consultant, but they can't tell you who the consultant is, or what even what the consultant will cost, let alone the actual costs of the Energy proposals.

Raymond Cantor, a vice president of the New Jersey Business & Industry Association, questioned why it will take so long to finish the study. “You can’t make intelligent policy decision about energy without knowing how much it will cost and who will pay for it,’’ he said.

Which is really the point we have been making all along. In order to make the best decisions about our Energy policies, we need the facts and costs.
Unfortunately if the BPU has their way, you will have to wait another 18 months, on top of the 15 and a half months that we have already been waiting. You can read more of the NJ Spotlight story here and make your voice heard about the need for more transparency with our energy policy.
New Jersey Energy Transparency Watch