A backwater valve is a backflow prevention device that prevents outbound wastewater from re-entering a property. If your property has drainage fixtures located below the elevation of the next upstream manhole, you may be required to install and maintain a backwater valve. 
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At the El Estero Water Resource Center, nitrification is one of many natural processes utilized to treat, recycle, and ultimately recirculate water throughout our local ecosystems. One important role is performed by maintaining two types of bacteria: Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter. There are many factors that lead to our nitrifying friends happily doing their job, click below to read why nitrification is important in the first place.
Flume gives you down to the minute, easy to read water use data to help you track water use and catch leaks via a smartphone app and device that easily straps to the City’s water meter. City water customers pay just $75 (regularly $149).
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